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How To Get Spider Silk In Grounded Easily

There are a few ways to get Spider Silk in Grounded. Learn all about where to find Spider Silk easily through this guide.

Grounded is a survival game and you need tools to survive. That’s where Spider Silk can come in handy. It is a crucial resource that you can use to craft recipes and unfortunately, it is not that easy to find. As you might have guessed, you have to combat some terrifying spiders to get Spider Silk in Grounded. Don’t know how to do that? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Grounded: Where to Find Spider Silk

There are quite a few items that require Spider Silk to craft them like the Dew Collector, Insect Bow, Spider Fang Dagger, Mint Mallet, Super Armor Glue and more. You can choose how you want to get Spider Silk in Grounded: by killing spiders or by finding spider webs.


Spiders are not easy enemies at all but if you want to fight a weaker enemy in the beginning – try Spiderlings. You can get silk from them by killing them with bows and, well, harvesting their dead bodies. It is much easier to get it from baby spiders in comparison to the huge spiders. A few hits will do the trick.

If you feel more confident, you can decide to take on the bigger, more ferocious spiders too. You will find various types of spiders like the wolf spiders and orb spiders in different locations. Remember that they will be scattered all over the map so always be cautious. Use a bow to attack a spider from a distance and don’t let it come too close to you. You can try hitting it with arrows from a height too.

But the best way to get Spider Silk in Grounded is to collect it from spider webs. You will find it deposited on plants and other areas. Simply look for a spider web that says ‘spider web’ when you hover on it and harvest it from there. How to harvest spider silk from spider webs? It is easy – keep hitting it with a weapon or a tool and you will have it.

Grounded is in early access right now and the final version might be much different from the one we have now. The game is currently available on PC and Xbox One so go ahead and try it out! For more tips for latest games, check our gaming guides on GamerTweak.