How To Easily Get A Weed Stem In Grounded

There's a certain tool you need to have to obtain a Weed Stem. In this guide, find out everything about how to get Weed Stems in Grounded.

To survive in the world of Grounded, you need resources for various reasons. There’s Spider Silk, Ant Mandibles and then there’s the Weed Stem. You can use these items to craft various things that will help you when in need. Want to know more about it? Don’t worry. In this guide, we will explain the use of Weed Stems and how to easily get a Weed Stem in Grounded.

Weed Stems in Grounded – How to Get Them

What are Weed Stems in Grounded used for? Well, with them, you can craft items of higher tiers. To get weed stems, you need a level 2 tool like the Insect Axe.

Here’s how to craft the Insect Axe in Grounded:

As soon as you have all of these things, you can craft the Insect Axe. Then, use this tool to cut grass so all you have to do is approach old weeds and cut them down. When you approach a plant and see that it is listed as a Weed, that’s where you can begin using your axe. It won’t cut in one go so keep hacking at it. That’s how you can get the Weed Stem in Grounded.


You can also cut down Dandelions which can be found in drier areas. Simply get near one, look up to see the globular heads and then cut it down by hitting its base with a Pebblet Axe. When it falls to the ground, go near it and collect it.

After getting these stems, now you have to bring them back to the camp and harvest them. That’s everything you need to know about Weed Stems in Grounded. be sure to read our other guides on best tools to craft, how to play Grounded multiplayer and how to farm Ant Mandibles.