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How To Play Grounded Multiplayer Mode Online

Multiplayer options lets you join your friends game in Grounded and you can share the experience together

Online multiplayer is a great option in Grounded and you can join your friends and play with them. If you are wondering how to play grounded multiplayer online, we’ve got you covered.

How To Play Grounded Multiplayer Online

Grounded is an amazing online multiplayer adventure where you and your friends can join in each other’s adventure. Grounded’s early access began today and a lot of people are looking forward to getting into the game.

There are two modes in Grounded, one offline that players can play solo and experience the game for yourself, or you can join in the multiplayer mode and explore the giant world of Grounded by yourself.

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If you wish to play with your friends in Grounded there are two different methods for both PC and Xbox One systems. On PC, all you have to do is pull up your friend’s list and click on their game. This will immediately take you in to your friend’s game and you will be able to play together.

If you are on Xbox One, you will need to access the friend’s list once more and then click on their respective names to join their adventure.

Your friends can do the same and your games too, playing Grounded with your friends take the immersive experience of the entire world to the next level and you will have far greater joy doing so.

Alternatively, on PC and Xbox, you can join an online game via the game menu as well, you will need to access the Multiplayer option and select Join Online Game.

Obsidian Entertainment’s decision to add an online multiplayer in the early access version of the game has hit it off and bringing new players to explore the world of Grounded.

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This is all there is to know about how to play Grounded Multiplayer Online, make sure to check out all the latest news, reviews, guides and features about your favorite games right here.