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Where to find Grubs in Grounded

Grubs are bugs that are important in Grounded. Here is a guide that will help you to learn about their locations, how to catch them, and more.

Grounded is a game where tiny kids on a survival mission to fight the bugs and ants. So finding various bugs will be part of your daily activity, better bugs mean better chances of survival. One of them is Grubs, and it is an essential part of Grounded. You will be needing this bug for survival and here is a guide no how to find grubs in Grounded.

How to catch Grubs in Grounded?

To crating different items in Grounded you will need various types of bugs. Grub is one of them and this bug remains hidden in the ground. They burrow themselves below the mud which makes them completely invisible. The best way to find Grubs is to look for dirt trail and digging them with Acorn Shovel.

Follow the trial and dig with the shovel to pull them out of the dirt. If you do not have an Acorn Shovel then you can craft by collecting Acorns from the Oak tree.

Talking about Grubs just follow the trials on the dirt and then dig. The best thing is that Grubs do not attack, so you can dig them out of their holes. Look on places with mud around, Grubs spawn hides in a muddy area.

Killing a Grub will drop three items. Grub Hide, Grub Goop, and Raw Grub Meat. You can use these items to craft the different types of items in Grounded. That is why Grubs are kind of an important bug in the game. You can craft the following things that may or may not require additional items. The bug is also required in some of the smoothies recipes.

  • Grub Hide
  • Grub Goop
  • Grub Chest Piece
  • Leggings
  • Goggles

Thankfully there are a lot of Grubs in Grounded, they are not rare and can be found easily in the game. You just have to look for dirt trail in the game and you will be able to find them easily. So spend a decent time in exploring. Want to check out more guides, like how to make floors, how to find clean water, heal yourself, etc, then check ourGrounded Wiki Guide. We are going to cover a lot of short but interesting tips and tricks that can help you to do more in Grounded.