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Grounded: Where To Find Grubs

Here are all the locations to find the Grubs in Grounded easily.

Grounded is all about crafting and surviving in the world of wild creatures. In this adventurous journey, you’ll come across various aggressive spiders and other insects. However, there are also some neutral one, who drop various materials that can be used to craft much equipment in the game. One of these creatures is the Grubs, which can be obtained easily but are pretty tricky to find. If you’re also struggling to find the Grubs in Grounded, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the locations to get this insect in the game.

Locations to Find Grubs in Grounded (Farming Guide)

Where To Find Grubs Grounded

In order to find Grubs in Grounded, you’ll need to look for them on the ground. These insects are hidden and tricky to find, that’s because they crawl underneath the mud. They’re almost invisible to see but you can identify them with their sound and mud movement. However, Larva’s also move similarly and are harmful, so kindly be aware of them. With that said, let’s move on to the list of locations where you can find the Grubs in the game.

  • Grassland
  • Hedge
  • Mysterious Machine Cave
  • Oak Tree
  • Acorns
  • Ant Hills

For your better understanding let’s get into the details of these locations.


One of the most common places to find Grubs in Grounded is in the Grasslands. That’s because these insects tend to be near grassy areas more. So wherever you see green grass, simply head there and start looking for them. However, you’ll need to be quick or they might burry themselves in the mud again.


Players can also find these insects in the L-shaped hedge located on the right corner side of the map. However, the area is full of Spiders and Orb Weavers too, so make sure you’re ready for the challenge. But the right side of the Hedge is considered to be safe to farm for the Grubs in the game.

Mysterious Machine Cave

The safest place to get the Grubs is via the cave located beneath the Mysterious Machine. So first go there and kill all the Mites guarding the gate of the cave. After that head into the cave tunnel and keep looking for the Grubs. The cave also might be blocked by the Acorns so make sure you have the hammer with you.

Oak Tree

One of the easiest places to hunt for these Grubs is near the Oak Tree. Here the players can easily get plenty of them. You can also find the insects crawling in the open over the roots of the tree. But the oak tree has 2 openings with spiders in it, so simply be alert and you’ll be good to go. You can also seal the openings, which makes it a good place for Grub farming.


Grubs also tend to hide beneath the Acorns, so try to look under them and that might do the trick. Don’t forget to get your hammer with yourself or else you won’t be able to break the shells of the Acorns.

Ant Hills

If you’re done looking under the oak tree, but still want some more of these insects, then try to look under the Ant Hills. There are around 2-3 ant hills located in that area, that can get you plenty of Grub in the game. Before you head in there, make sure you have quipped the Ant Armor.

These are all the locations to find the Grubs in Grounded easily. For those who are unaware, before starting the hunt, you’ll first need to craft the Acorns Shovel in the game. That you can do by gathering materials like 2x Sprig, 1x Acorn Shell, & 1 Crude Rope. If you’re wondering what these Grubs drop and what are those materials used for, then scroll down for answers.

What do Grubs Drop & Its Uses? (Materials List)

Here’s everything you need to know about what kind of materials they drop and what are they used to craft.

  • Grub Hide
    • Mite Hat
    • Larva Blade
    • Weevil Shield
    • Grub Vest
    • Grub Leggings
    • Grub Goggles
    • Shinobi Sneeze
    • Canteen+
    • Firefly Hanging Lantern
  • Grub Goop
    • Grub Vest
    • Smoothies
  • Grub Meat
    • Grub Meat is mostly used for cooking in the game.

These are all the materials that can be crafted by using Grubs drops. That sums up everything about where to find Grubs and what are its drops used for in Grounded. While you’re here take a look at where to find Termites in the game.