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How to Find Quartzite in Grounded – Important Crafting Item

Quartzite is quiet a useful item to find Grounded, it can help you to craft Dew Collector and Repair Tool. Thankfully it is not that tough to find.

Crafting sometimes can be overwhelming in Grounded, but if you know what are the most important things then you can sort your way out of this. One of the important items to find is Quartzite which can be further used to craft more important stuff in Grounded. Like Dew Collector or Repair Tool. So it is best to be prepared to know where exactly to find Quartzite in Grounded.

Tips to find Quartzite in Grounded


At the start of the game while making your way around you will unlock the cave area. If you had not located then look on the south of the Baseball. Look for laser and follow the device’s power cable. It will lead you to an underground region in the game.

Before entering the cave carry a Torch and Hammer. The torch will help you to deal with the bugs in the dark caves while the hammer will be used to break the rocks to collect Quartzite.

Keep exploring and you will find huge rocks of Quartzite in the cave. By analyzing the rock you will find what you can do with it. You can see the crafting options and this also requires to collect additional items.


To craft Repair tool and Dew Collector, you will need Silk, Weed Steams, Sprigs, and Woven Fibers. Dew Collector will solve your problem of finding water in Grounded. You can repair the device and get a frequency supply of water in your camp. Repair tool will help you to fix your constructions which is kind of an important thing in Grounded. That is the reason Quartzite becomes an important element in Grounded and it is best recommended to find it at the start.

Before crafting anything you will need to first learn its recipe, and that is done by analyzing the items. Quartzite will be used to analyze and learn about repair tools and how to craft it. Other items will not be that complicated to find. Here are some Grounded Crafting Tips and tricks.

    1. Use Analyzer to scan the item which will unlock new recipes. You can scan only 3 resources at a single time.
    2. Chop down the grass to collect Woven Plant Fibers. A common item requirement for almost every recipe in Grounded.
    3. Explore the area before constructing a base, some insects will attack you to protect their territories.


These are some of the very basic tips and tricks you must remember while crafting items in Grounded. We will be updating this guide with more info to make it useful. To know more check the Grounded Wiki guide.