Grounded: How To Find Quartzite

Learn how to Find Quartzite in Grounded from this guide.

Crafting is an important aspect of Grounded & crafting the right Tools & Weapons is even more important. Quartzite is one of the most Must-have resources in the game. It is used not only to Repairing Tools but also to Upgrade them, making more powerful & efficient Tools & Weapons. But you will need a lot of this Thing & it is not as easy to get as it seems. In this guide, I will show you how to Find Quartzite in Grounded.

How to Find Quartzite in Grounded

find quartzite grounded

At the early stages of the game, you will find a Cave with a Cable going through it. It is located under the Laser, south of the Baseball. Follow the Laser’s Cable and it will lead you into the Cave. The Cave is Dark & filled with Mites so make sure that you have Basic Tools like a Weapon & Torch at hand. You will find Nodes of Quartzite laced around the Cave. Get your Hammer & you will be able to mine the Quartzite from them. Here are some more locations where you can find Quartzite in Grounded.

  • Anthills
  • Black Anthill Lab
  • Caverns
  • Haze
  • Haze Lab
  • Hedge Lab
  • Pond Lab
  • Rake Rock Point Cave
  • Slime Lantern Outpost
  • Shed Surroundings
  • Upper Grasslands

In the 1.0 Update, Stone of Toughness was renamed Quartzite. So, what you can craft with Stone of Toughness will be craftable with Quartzite. In the same update, Tough Nugget was renamed to Quartzite Shard. If you want to upgrade your weapon and armor, you will need to convert Quartzite into Whetstone. You will unlock alternate crafting methods for each tier of upgrade resources as you progress in the game. But instead of Quartzite or Tough Nugget, you will be crafting Whetstones.

This was all about how to Find Quartzite in Grounded. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to Unlock the Oven in Grounded.