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Grounded: How To Find Clean Water

Here are all the ways to find & get Clean Water in the Grounded easily.

The wait is finally over, Grounded is out now and available for all players globally. Now you can go on adventures and craft various things to survive in a world full of giant creatures. However this journey is not going to be easy, and you’re going to need plenty of food & water supplies. Without water, your character will starve and eventually die and all the hard work will go wasted. If you’re already thirsty but unable to get some water, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll guide you through all the sources to find Clean Water in Grounded easily.

How to Get Clean Water in Grounded?

How To Find Clean Water Grounded

There are various sources to find and get Clean Water in Grounded. We’ve mentioned all the ways to get it in the article below. Before we begin, let us tell you that drinking dirty water is not recommended. Doing so will decrease your health over time and eventually kill the character. However, you can always eat some food to compensate for the damage.

  • Dew Drops
  • Juice Box & Cans
  • Aphids Honey Dew
  • Nectar

These are all the ways to get clean water available in the game. For your better understanding, let’s get into the details of water sources.

Dew Drops

Once you start exploring the game you’ll see various leaves & grass with some dewdrops of water hanging on it. After you spot one, grab a pebble stone and throw it toward the dewdrops. And as soon as it hits the ground, go ahead and slurp all the water you can.

Juice Box & Cans

In the game, you’ll come across giant cans and juice boxes, which can provide water. These containers hold 1 drop of water in them per day. So after spotting one of these, go into it and slurp the water to full fill your thirst.

Aphids Honeydew

Another way to find clean water in Grounded is by looking for Honeydew’s dropped by Aphids. These Honeydew drops look like a dull yellowish bubble on the ground, that you can scoop by interacting with it. These droplets will not only fulfill your thirst but also satisfy your hunger in the game.


Nectar is also a good source of food & clean water, that can be found under Tulips, Rose, and other flowers. However be aware of spiders, because it especially spawns near them. These droplets work the same as the Honeydews, they can satisfy your hunger and thirst at the same time. You can easily identify Nectar with its bright yellow color in the game.

This is all you need to know about how to find and get Clean Water in Grounded easily. However, there might be times when you’ve come across a lot of water but have no place to store it. In this case, we’re here for your rescue, scroll down and check out how you can store water in the game.

How to Store Clean Water in Grounded? (Crafting Recipes)

Here are the things that you’ll need to craft to store water in the game.


Players can always craft a Canteen to store up to 2 droplets of water or juice. However make note, that you can only store one type of liquid at a time. You can use this canteen to not only slurp but also transfer it to the Water Containers.

  • Crafting recipe
    • 3x Grub Hide
    • 2x Woven Fiber

Dew Collector

Another way to store water in the game is by crafting a Dew Collector. This storage can hold up to 4-5 drops of liquid in the game.

  • Crafting Recipe
    • 5x Woven Fiber
    • 6x Weed Steam
    • 8x Quartzite
    • 5x Spider Silk

Water Container

If you have a lot of water to store, then you can always build a Water Container that can hold up to 6 drops of liquid.

  • Crafting Recipe
    • 3x Acorn shell
    • 2x Woven Fiber
    • 1x Clover Leaf

That sums up everything about how to find and store Clean Water in Grounded easily. While you’re here take a look at how to get Clay, Sap,& Berry Leather in the game easily.