Grounded: How To Get Clay

Learn how to Get Clay in Grounded from this guide.

Grounded is a Survival Game where you and your friends play in the Micro world of Insects. Your Goal is to survive this tiny world till you can escape it & find out why you were Shrunk. In the meantime, you will need resources to build structures, Weapons, Armor, & other such Utility. One such Resource you will need is Clay. In this guide, I will show you how to Get Clay in Grounded.

How to Get Clay in Grounded

get clay grounded

Clay is a very common but highly required resource in Grounded. You can make a lot of things with it as well as need it for repairing Items. To get Clay in the game, you will need to find Smooth Rocks found near ponds and large pools of water in locations like:

  • Pond Lab
  • Woodpile
  • Flooded Zone
  • Black Anthill
  • Pond Depths
  • Shed Surroundings
  • Pond Caves
  • Grasslands
  • Koi Pond

Go to these Smooth Rocks and, with an Acorn Shovel, break it. It will yield Clay. You can speed up the process by getting the Rock Cracker Mutation. This allows you to break Rocks faster. This becomes an efficient way of getting Clay. This is how you can get Clay in Grounded.

In this game, Clay is an important resource as it is used in various things. From building Structures like Clay foundations, Clay Pillar, Clay Ramp, etc to Utilities like Simple Beds, Cookery, ovens, &, etc. When you get Clay for the first time, it will unlock a bunch of recipes as shown below:

  • Clay Foundation
  • Clay Ramp
  • Armor Dummy
  • Weapon Wall Mount
  • Repair Tool

So, if you want to progress quickly in Grounded, I suggest you start a Framing routine for this resource. Having Clay on demand will be quite helpful than getting it when needed. If you want it in large amounts then go to both the Western & Eastern Flooded Zones.

This was all about how to Get Clay in Grounded. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Find 4 Leaf Clover in Grounded.