Grounded: How to Get Sap

Check out our guide on how to get Sap in Grounded.

Grounded is a first and third-person survival video game by Obsidian Entertainment. Being a Survival game, you need to collect a wide range of resources and items to survive. One of these items includes the Sap which can be used to make several resources. You can craft several healing resources, tools, and furniture from the Sap. But several players in the community are confused about getting this item. So, here’s our guide on how to get Sap in Grounded.

How to Get Sap in Grounded

As you begin from the grassy region of the map, look for the wood around to get the Sap. You will find this item attached to the sides of the wood materials like twigs, sticks, branches, and more items. You can also find it attached below the piece of wood. If you want to stack plenty of Sap early in the game, we suggest getting as many wood materials as possible.

grounded sap
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • For more supply of the Sap, you can head over to the red Oak trees around the map.
  • Once you find these trees, use the Axe to get the Crystallized Sap from them.
  • You can break the Crystallized sap to get a lot more Sap from them. But the only problem with that is the population of spiders that can damage you.
  • Alternatively, you can also craft the Sap Catcher. With this utility, you can produce enough Sap from the areas where they are rare to find.
  • You can attach them to the Oak trees or the roots connecting them to get an endless supply of Sap. Mentioned below are the items to craft the Sap Catcher:
    • 1 Acorn Top
    • 2 Weed Stem
    • 4 Crude Oil
  • It produces 1 Sap every 5 hours and can take over 25 hours to produce the maximum amount of Sap.

Sap can be used in crafting plenty of resources, consumables, tools, gear, traps, production, and storage utilities.

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