Grounded: How To Find Thistle Needles

Check out how to find & get Thistle Needles in Grounded easily.

The first thing you should do in Grounded is collect the resources and craft as many as weapons you can. There are plenty of weapons and utility items that can be crafted in the game. Which also includes the Bow and Arrow. As the bow is reusable, players can’t reuse the arrows again and may run out of them soon enough. If you’re already running low on arrows, then you can always craft it by using Thistle Needles in the game. These needles can only be obtained by a plant known as Thistle. If you’re unable to find & get Thistle Needles in Grounded, then we’ve got you covered.

Locations to Find Thistle Needles in Grounded

How To Find Thistle Needles Grounded

Here are the locations to Find & get the Thistle Needles in the Grounded. For those who are unaware of how the Thistle plant looks, here is a short description. It has a purple spiky flower on the top and all the leaves also have thorns in them. As the plant is pretty big Players can climb it easily in the game. 1 Thistle Plant holds around 70 needles in them. With that said now let’s get into the location to find the Thistle Needles in Grounded.

  • Grasslands – This area is the safest and easiest place to get Thistle needles in the game. It is located in the Center of the backyard and easily identified by its green grassy area.
  • Flower Bed – Players can get several needles in the Flower Bed area. Not only Thistle, but it also has plenty of other plants that’ll help you further in the game. It is located near the Koi Pond. However, you’ll need to be aware of the Orb Weavers, Ladybugs, and other creatures because this area is fully covered with them too.
  • Flooded Zone – In this area also you can find the Thistle plant to get the needles in Grounded. However, they need to be aware of the Water Flies, Larva, and other creatures. That’s because the place is covered with Swamps. This area is located on the East & West sides of the yard.

These are all the locations to find Thistle Plants and get the Needles in Grounded easily. However, make sure you have your Hammer or the Axe with you. That’s because you can’t chop the needles with your bare hands or else you might get scratched and hurt. If you’re wondering what more you can craft apart from the arrows, then scroll down for answers.

How to Use Thistle Needles? (Crafting Recipe)

Here are the things that you can craft in Grounded using the Thistle Needles easily.

  • Arrow
    • 5x Thistle Needle
    • 2x Mite Fuzz
  • Broodmother BLT
    • 1x Thistle Needle
    • 2x Ladybug Part
    • 2x Bombardier Part
  • Spike Strip
    • 3x Thistle Needle
    • 1x Weed Stem
    • 1x Sap
    • 1x Crude Rope
  • Spiky Sprig
    • 2x Crude Rope
    • 3x Sprig Sprig
    • 5x Thistle Needle
  • Acorn Railing
    • 4x Thistle Needle
    • 1x Acorn Top
    • 2x Acorn Shell
  • Acorn Curved Fence
    • 4x Thistle Needle
    • 1x Acorn Top
    • 2x Acorn Shell
  • Acorn Fence
    • 4x Thistle Needle
    • 2x Acorn Shell
    • 1x Acorn Top

This is all you need to know about how to find & get the Thistle Needles in Grounded easily. While you’re here take a look at how to Find & Kill Bombardier Beetles in the game.