Grounded: How To Find & Kill Bombardier Beetles

Here are the locations to find the Bombardier Beetles and some tips on how can you kill them in Grounded.

The situation in Grounded is like hunting for survival or getting hunted by others, there’s no other choice than that. In other words, players will need to kill all various passive or aggressive creatures to certify their survival. Doing so will get you several materials that can be crafted in gear, armor, or weapons. One of the most important creatures to drop uncommon loots in the game is the Bombardier Beetles. However, these beetles are pretty tricky to kill and locate. But don’t worry we’ll help you with all the locations to find Bombardier Beetles in Grounded easily.

Locations to Find Bombardier Beetles in Grounded

Here’s how to find & get the Bombardier in Grounded easily. For your reference, we’ve marked all the locations to find the beetles in the article below.

How To Find & Kill Bombardier Beetles Grounded

  1. Bombardier Rock
  2. Hedge
  3. Spade Gulch
  4. Eastern Wooden Fence

These are the locations to get the Bombardier Beetles in the game. For better understanding let’s take a look at these locations in detail.

  1. The marked area is located on the Southwestern part of the map & considered Bombardier Rock. That’s because you can easily spot them on the rock and some of them beneath it. Players can get around 3-4 Bombardier beetles at this location.
  2. As marked on the map, this area is located beside the Hedge. Players can get around 2-3 beetles at this location. However, also take note that, this area is full of Wolf Spiders so kindly be alert and equip all the gears you can.
  3. This area is known as the Spade Gulch, and it’s located at the center of the map. Here you’ll find plenty of Bombardier Beetles roaming around in Grounded easily. You can bag around 1-2 beetles in this area without any hassle.
  4. This area is located on the Eastern side of the map and beside the Wooden fence. Players can find beetles as well as the Orb Weaver in this area, so make sure to keep an eye on them. You can get up to 4-5 bombardier beetles in this area hidden beside the rocks.

These are all the locations to find Bombardier Beetles in Grounded easily. If you’re wondering how you can kill them, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Kill Bombardier Beetle?

Bombardier Beetles are passive and will only attack when they’re threatened. In order to kill them, we recommend you to use Sprig Bow and Arrows. These beetles tend to spit acid balls in their defense and if you’re close to them, then you can also expect some bites. The key to killing them is by maintaining distance and also taking cover to avoid their toxic acid balls. Before you head into the battle make sure you have equipped at least the tier 1 Armor and some Bandages. Players are also recommended to use the Fresh Defense mutation that’ll immune you to the acid ball attacks to some extent. After killing the Bombardier Beetles here’s a list of the materials they’ll drop.

  • Boiling Gland
  • Bombardier Part

This is all you need to know about how to find & kill Bombardier Beetles in Grounded easily. While you’re here take a look at how to find & kill Ladybug in the game.