Grounded: How To Find & Kill Ladybug

Here are the locations to find the Ladybug and some tips to kill it in Grounded.

Not all creatures in Grounded are harmful, player will also come across some insects that are passive in nature. One of these passive creatures is the Ladybug, which only attacks when it’s threatened. However killing the Ladybugs will surely get you some uncommon items, that can be used to make armor & weapons. If you’re already on the hunt to find the insects but are unable to track them down, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll discuss all the locations to find the Ladybug in Grounded easily.

Locations to Find Ladybug in Grounded

How To Find & Kill Ladybug Grounded

Here’s a list of locations to find Ladybug in Grounded easily.

  • Oak Tree – The Oak Tree is one of the best places to obtain Ladybugs in the game. They generally roam around in the open looking for water & food. However, be aware of the harmful Spiders, that’s because the tree has 2 openings that are fully filled with them.
  • Grassland – Players can easily find these insects in the grassy area, that’s because they love to be around them. So if you see grass rustling in the wild, then it, might be the big Ladybug you’re looking for.
  • Near Water – You can also find Ladybug in Grounded near water. So don’t forget to look for them near ponds and puddles.
  • Oak Lab – After checking beneath the Oak Tree, you can also look for these insects in the Oak Lab. This lab is located at the back of the tree, and only accessible after activating the Mysterious Machine.
  • Underneath Flowers – Ladybugs are usually found underneath the flowers on the hunt for Aphids. That’s because they love eating the Honeydew dropped by them.
  • Mysterious Machine – Mysterious Machine can also be a good place to look for Ladybug in the game. Good chances of finding them are in the cave located beneath the machines. Players can also come across some Grubs in there, which are also worth hunting.

These are all the locations you should look to find the Ladybug in Grounded easily. If you’re unaware of the process to kill them, then scroll down and you’ll find your answers.

How to Kill Ladybugs?

In order to kill Ladybugs in Grounded, you can always use Insect Hammer. But if you haven’t crafted it yet, then the Pebblet Hammer will also get the work done. Also, don’t forget to equip the Armor set made up of Acorns. As said earlier, the Ladybugs are neutral until you make them feel threatened. This can give you the upper hand to land your best hits on it. However, while trying to kill the insect make sure to maintain distance from them, or else you might get head-butted. We also recommend players take the high ground and use Sprig Bows & Arrows to kill it. After successfully killing the ladybug here is the loot that they’ll drop.

  • Ladybug Head
  • Ladybug Part

That sums up everything about how to find & kill the Ladybug in Grounded easily. While you’re here take a look at how to find Termites in the game.