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V Rising Solo Guide: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Check out our guide for some tips and tricks for the Solo players in V Rising.

As you wake up from a deep slumber in V Rising, you gather several resources, vampiric abilities, and powers to reclaim your place. One of the best things about this vampire multiplayer survival game is the crafting system and extensive open world it features. While it is a multiplayer focussed videogame, you can also opt for solo gameplay. We have compiled some tips and tricks for players to survive in a solo PvP or PvE mode. So, here’s our guide on some tips and tricks for the Solo players in V Rising.

Best Solo Guide Tips And Tricks For Beginners in V Rising


Mentioned below are some of the tips for the beginners playing Solo:

Avoid Sun Exposure

As the lore and myths of being a Vampire foretold, you cannot get exposed to the sun. If you get out during the daytime, the radiations of the scorching sun can burn your skin. Even though you can transform into a different vampire form, you will receive the damage. So, it is best to stay in the shadows or traverse during nighttime. While there is no cure for it, you can check out our guide on how to avoid Sun damage and heal from it. As an alternative, you can also use the Cave Passages or Waygates for fast travel.


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Build a Castle

One of the best ways to avoid sunlight is to build yourself a castle. It is the base of your operations and allows protection against the sun. You need to place a Castle Heart before setting up your castle. Check out our guide on how to make a castle for more insight. Once you place a Castle, you can expand its borders for several purposes. With a bigger castle, you can place several workshops and crafting structures. As you progress, you can also research in the Castle to get a wide range of gear and resources.


Keep on Levelling up & Upgrade Gear Level

V Rising is all about an ultimate grind as you gather materials to craft several resources. As you level up, you unlock different V bosses at the Blood Altar to hunt down. Upon defeating them, you unlock a variety of structures, Vampire powers, and crafting recipes. You can level up the gear level by equipping higher-level items and progressing through the game.

Gather and Farm Materials


As mentioned, you need to gather as many crafting materials as you can. These materials are scattered across different locations throughout the map. You can also get these materials by defeating the enemies. The higher-level enemies and bosses drop increased chances of loot. Some of the best places to loot are Bandit Camps, Bandit Outposts, Bandit Logging Camps, Militia encampments, and Militia Camps.

Build Crafting Structures

For better farming of resources, craft as many crafting structures as you can. These include Grinder, Sawmill, or Paper Press. Once you interact with a crafting structure, it will state the recipe that can produce the resources. If you have an unknown recipe in the crafting workshop, you need to unlock it by defeating certain V bosses.

Head over to a Blood Altar and click on the V boss to check the crafting recipes they unlock. You need to defeat these bosses and extract their V blood to unlock these recipes.

Vampire Powers and Abilities

While some Vampire abilities are unlocked during the tutorial, there’s a plethora of Vampire powers and abilities as you progress. You can use the Vampire powers to transform into another form. One of the best forms is Alpha Wolf which is unlocked upon defeating it at level 16. You can transform into a wolf to traverse through places that a Vampire cannot. These transformations also involve several perks. For example, the Wolf form increases your movement speed by 45%. Check out our guide on all the vampire powers and how to get every form for a better insight.

Similar to Vampire powers, abilities are unlocked by defeating different V bosses. They are used during combat for defense as well as an offense against enemies. There are three types of ability and they are:

  • Basic Abilities
  • Travel Abilities
  • Ultimate Abilities

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