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V Rising: How To Build A Castle

Wondering how you can make your first castle in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn everything you should know about it.

In order to start your journey in V Rising, you will first need to build a castle. Building it can be the hardest and also the easiest thing at the same time. It will be hard when it comes to gathering the resources and easy in terms of building. There are a ton of things that you will need to do to get your base ready. So without further ado let us quickly check how to make a Castle in V Rising.


How to Build a Castle in V Rising

v rising how to make a castle

Here is what you need to do to build your first caste.


  • Gather Resources
  • Find plenty of space
  • Place your Castle Heart
  • Add the borders
  • Add some Walls
  • Build your Coffin
  • Add your Wooden Stash
  • Make a Sawmill
  • Construct a Simple Workbench
  • Use your workbench

Let us check all of these steps.

Gather Resources – First Step to Make a Castle in V Rising


The first step is as basic as I mention here. You will need a ton of wood referred to in-game as Lumber, Stone, and Blood Essence when making your castle, it also comes down to the size of the castle you intend to build. Hence, gather as many resources as possible until you find the perfect place. This brings us to our next step.

Find plenty of space

Finding ample space might sound like a very basic step but is one that you can easily overlook. Most players when they start, try to build their castle in the first available space possible. But this can be a problem once you expand your Castle which you most likely eventually will.


Remember you simply can’t just find an empty space of land, part of finding the perfect space is making one. So once you find a good location start clearing it so that you have some area to work with.

All of the structures mentioned below like Castle Heart, Coffin, Palisade, Border, etc. can be found and built by pressing the B key on your keyboard.

Place your Castle Heart

Once your area is ready, place your Castle Heart. If you want to get done with it quickly then you can place it anywhere, but a general rule of thumb is to place it at the center. This will give you better defense when someone tries to raid your castle. Once you place your Castle Heart drag and drop your Blood Essence in it. You can avoid the mistake we did with our castle heart, that is to place it in a random corner.

  • For making a Castle Heart you need:
    • Blood Essence x30
    • Stone x240

Add the borders

Once you have your Castle Heart set, start adding borders around it. As the name suggests it will decide the borders of your castle.

  • To make 1 border you need:
    • Blood Essence x2
    • Stone x20

Consider border as a block, so you will need plenty of these resources to have good borders around your castle.

Add some Walls

Once your castle borders are set you can start adding walls around it. You will need plenty of wood for it. Start adding Palisades around it.

  • These are the resources needed for it:
    • Palisade Wall
      • Lumber x80
      • Plant Fibre x30
    • Palisade Entrance
      • Lumber x80
      • Plant Fibre x30
    • Palisade Gate
      • Lumber x80

Build your Coffin – Castle Guide for V Rising

Are you even a Vampire if you don’t sleep in a Coffin? Well, the game answers it for you and you do have to make a Coffin in order to progress. Having 1 Coffin is more than enough at the start. So consider it like your bed because your character actually sleeps in it. So, place a coffin in your castle wherever you feel like it.

  • To build a coffin you need:
    • Lumber x180

Add your Wooden Stash

Another basic item that you need to add to get closer to completing your castle is a Small Wooden Stash. This is basically a chest that will help you store any resources or items that you need but don’t want to lose by always carrying around.

  • To make a Wooden Stash you need:
    • Lumber x150

Make a Sawmill

To progress from here you will need plank and to get that you need a Sawmill. Just like a coffin or a stash you can place it at any suitable place in the castle.

  • To make a sawmill you need:
    • Lumber x400
    • Stone x80

You can find the Sawmill under the Refinement section of the Production tab.

Construct a Simple Workbench

Since you made the Sawmill in the previous step, now its time to use it. Interact with it and place the wood or lumber in it. From the sawmill, you will get plank and sawdust. Plank is one of the resources you need to make the Simple Workbench.

  • To make it you need:
    • Plank x8
    • Stone x80
    • Animal Hide x120

Using it will allow you to increase your gear level.

Use your workbench – Final Step to Build A Castle in V Rising

Interact with your Simple Workbench and increase the level of your gear to level 15 at least. This will allow you to make a Blood Altar. Add this Blood Altar to your Castle and you will have your first castle ready.

Remember this is not going to be your final castle, if anything you have a long way to go. But for now, you are good to go. Once your Blood Altar is ready, there is a plethora of gameplay for you to experience.

That covers everything you should know about how to build a Castle in V Rising. Don’t forget to check our V Rising guides to get help on more such topics.