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V Rising Research Guide: How To Get Research Table

Here's our guide that explains how to research and get a research table in V Rising.

As you progress through Vardoran in V Rising, you need to craft several resources from the different materials and items. Upon reaching higher levels, you would need to unlock several tiers of technology as you research. This technology unlocks several structures to craft weapons, consumables, and a wide variety of items. While you start from a Research desk, you keep on unlocking random technologies. So, here’s our guide on how to get a Research table and research in V Rising.

How to Get Research Table And Research in V Rising


  • Once you have set up the Research Desk, you can craft the Research Table or Study. If you haven’t built the desk yet, you can build it under the Research section.
  • Here are all the items that you need to craft a Research Desk:
  • You can unlock Research Table by defeating Nicholaus the Fallen at level 37. With the Study unlocked, you can craft it using the following items:
  • Coming back to the Research desk, it will also state that you need 50 Papers to discover new technology. Press the Discover option under it to unlock a random technology.
  • It unlocks one of the structures, armor, weapons, and more. So, all you have to do is keep on discovering new technologies in exchange for 50 papers.
  • If you are out of paper, check out our guide on how to make paper. The best option to farm paper is to craft a Paper press technology.
  • After you have the Research table or Study set up, you can craft several structures, armor, weapons, magic, and consumables.
  • But unlike the Desk, you would need 75 scrolls to unlock a random new technology.

When you discover the Paper Press, you can build it under Study by pressing the Research option.


V Rising Printing Press

  • Once you have set up the Paper press, you can craft paper and scrolls for some materials.
v rising research table study
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  • While you need 4 Plant Fiber and 12 Sawdust to craft paper, defeat Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror at level 56 to unlock scrolls. Check out our guide on how to get and craft Scrolls for more insight.
  • As you progress through the game, schematics also come into the picture. You can craft them at the Printing press once you get their crafting recipe.
  • You can get the crafting recipe for Schematics after defeating Matka the Curse Weaver at level 72.

After getting its recipe, you need the following items to craft Schematics:


That’s all on how to get a research table and research in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the best servants to use and how to use them, fast travel or teleport guide, and how to get Ghost Yarn in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.