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V Rising: Matka The Curse Weaver Location & How To Beat It

Looking for the location of Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn where to find and how to beat it.

Many players are interested in knowing the location of Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising to beat it. The reason I suggest you should continue looking for him is its power Unstable Mosquito. You also get two recipes from it. Thus if you like to bug your foes this boss is not one to miss. That pun might be bad but you should enjoy this fight if you like a challenge or tough boss battles. So let us quickly learn the location of Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising and how to beat it.

Matka the Curse Weaver Location in V Rising


how to beat matka the curse weaver in v rising

You can find the location of Matka the Curse Weaver on the northwestern edge of Cursed Forest. The area where you find it is called the “Nest of the Curse Weaver”. Here is how you can locate it.

  1. Walk up to the Blood Altar in your Castle.
  2. Interact with it and look for Matka the Curse Weaver.
  3. Select it and start tracking its Blood by pressing the space key on your keyboard or clicking on the Track Blood button.
  4. Once you start following the trails you should eventually reach the Nest of the Curse Weaver in the Cursed Forest and you can find it there.


Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map.

Now that you have found it, this is how you can slay it.

How to Beat Matka the Curse Weaver


You can defeat Matka the Curse Weaver by attacking it and bringing its health to 0. Once you completely deplete its health you can extract its blood to gain its powers. This V Blood is of level 72 so it is highly recommended you level up your character to be anywhere near level 72 or above it. During the fight it uses the following moves that you should be aware of:

  • Musquito Summon: It summons two musquitos that are slow while flying but do a dash attack. You can counter them by eliminating them before they get to attack. Alternatively, you can also dash out of the way to dodge their dash attack.
  • Exploding ground: It casts a spell-like ability that causes the ground to erupt with green energy. You can dodge this attack by getting out of the attack radius of this move. This move doesn’t take effect immediately but you will first see a green circle on the ground. Get out of it the moment you see it. You should also be on the move because Matka the Curse Weaver won’t stop at just one attack.
  • Energy Vollies: Matka will shoot 7 energy balls from its staff. These balls spread out and cover a good range. You can dodge this attack by moving in the space of two energy balls.
  • Homing Energy Attack: It will use its staff and cause an energy attack to follow you from underground. You can run away from it in order to dodge it. If this attack connects it causes multiple Exploding Ground attacks.
  • 4 Homing Energy Attack: This is the same as the Homing Energy attack. The difference is it will launch this attack in four different directions at the same time. Avoiding this move isn’t exactly easy because there is no special trick to it. You have to be quick and on the move to avoid getting hit by any of the four energies.
  • Musquito Explode: The musquitos it spawned earlier will try to attack the player by exploding near them. This move has a good range coverage so you need to get out of it to avoid getting in the blast zone.

These are all the moves that you should be aware of for this fight. The more you deplete its health the more musquitos it starts to spawn. So you can expect this fight to be tough.


That covers this guide on the location of Matka the Curse Weaver and how to defeat it in V Rising. In case you need help with some previous boss fights you should check our guides on how to beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess, Raziel the Shepherd, Keely the Frost Archer, Vincent the Frostbringer, and more.