V Rising Best Servants (& How They Work)

Want to get servants in V Rising but not sure which are the best? Check out this guide to learn about how they work.

In V Rising, having the best servants can make your life a whole lot easier. Since you play the role of a Vampire and are on a journey to conquer everything, you should not do it all by yourself. And that is where the need to get servants comes in. But while getting them is somewhat easier, not all of them are worth keeping. So in this guide let us check how to get Servants in V Rising and how they work.

Best Servants in V Rising

v rising best servants
Image Credit: FireSpark81 on YouTube

The best servants in V Rising boils down to your need for them, but if you want one that has multiple uses then Brute should be your pick. They don’t have a particular use when you compare them to a Worker or a Scholar. But they come in handy for getting your different tasks done like collecting resources or guarding your Castle.

In case you are looking only for servants to guard your castle then Warrior servants are a better option. And if you need a good spell caster as your servant then you should go for Scholar.

Below are the use of each servant and how they work in this game.

How Servants work

Servants work very similar to how Blood types do in this game. The type of blood your servant has will determine the tasks they are suitable for. And as for the passive bonuses they get are determined by their quality. Here is which servant to use for what purpose:

  • Castle Defense
    • Warrior: They get benefits like increased physical power and cooldown reduction for weapon skills. They also get a damage boost when attacking enemies at full health and parry perks.
    • Rogue: They have higher movement speed and critical strike chance.
  • Spell Casting
    • Scholar: Scholar servants get more spell power and cooldown reduction.
  • Farming or Resource collecting
    • Worker: Worker servants get more resources and higher gallop speed on their mount. They also have a chance to instantly destroy resource nodes.
    • Brute: They don’t exactly fit under farming but can be used for it. They have more attacks and health perks hence you could assign them tasks related to the resource collection. And as mentioned before, they can also be used to defend your castle.

Do remember these servants don’t get all of the perks mentioned above. As previously explained, the bonuses they get are based on their blood quality. So, the higher the quality of their blood the more bonuses they get.

That covers this guide on the best Servants in V Rising and how they work. If this guide was useful to you then also check out our V Rising section to get help on more such concerns with this game.