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How To Get Deconstruct Your Own Walls In Rust

For those players who want to demolish their own walls in Rust, this guide will help you out.

Multiplayer survival games will always be the rage in the gaming community and Rust is one of them that is still thriving. In this game, players must survive in the harsh world while also trying to manage their hunger, thirst and overall health. To stay alive, you will need shelter as well, which will require you to set up walls. But you might make mistakes while placing and would want to demolish a wall or more. So, how to remove or destroy your own walls in Rust? Here are a few ways to do it.

How to Demolish your Own Walls in Rust (2021)?


how to remove or demolish your own walls Rust

You can change your decisions regarding your constructions or fix any mistakes within 10 minutes of placing it. Yes, there’s time limit and you must act before time is up. But once the time is up, there are some ways to destroy your own walls in Rust. Note that this game goes for realism and it is understandable that you won’t be able to remove walls after a certain time period.

Use a Hammer or Hammer Time Mod


You can remove walls using a Hammer if you are in a server with friends. You can use the Hammer Time mod to make that happen easily. But if you are on the official server, one trick is to upgrade your wall.

Upgrade to Sheet Metal

  • Upgrade the wall to a sheet metal one using the Hammer.
  • Make sure to remove sheet metal resources from the tool cupboard.
  • Then let the Sheet metal wall decay and you will get rid of the wall.


Use a C4 to Destroy Walls

Some more suggestions include destroying the wall with explosives. With a C4 explosive, an entire wall can be removed but making it is pretty expensive and time consuming. You need 20 Explosives, 5 Cloth and 2 Tech Trash to craft the Timed Explosive Charge (C4). Getting these resources will take some time and you will need loads of raw materials for it.

That includes:


Yup, that’s a lot. Once you have crafted the explosive, you can throw it on walls or doors after which it will detonate after 10 seconds. Be careful, though, because those players who are in its radius will be killed.

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So, these are all the different ways to destroy your own walls in Rust. Go ahead and take your pick about the route you want to go with. In this realistic survival game, anything can happen and while you are gone, anyone can come and destroy your base so make your decisions wisely.

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