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How To Get And Farm Cloth In Rust

Here's a quick guide to find and farm clothes in Rust.

Do you know how to get cloth in Rust? If your answer is NO then don’t worry, we have got you covered. There are thousands of players who have been struggling to get a cloth and cover their nudity but they are unable to find the exact process.

In this guide, we will teach you a couple of ways to get clothes in Rust. Unlike other game, you can’t directly buy a cloth from a store in Rust. Yes, you will have to struggle and find materials that will get you cloth in Rust.


How To Get Cloth in Rust

There are two plants that can get you cloths when harvested. The names of plants are — Cactus and Hemp.

Unlike normal plants, these two plants can’t be grown side by side. Yes, you will have to look for Cactus in the desert biome while Hemp can be found in the forested biome. If you managed to get your hands on Cactus and Hemp and harvest them, you will get around five to 10 cloth depending on the size and age of the harvested plant.


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Notably, these plants can be harvested from Animal and humans but I highly recommend harvesting this by using a stone hatchet to kill the animal. After doing so, you will need to use the bone that you get from killing the animal to craft a Bone Knife and use it to carve cloth from the corpse.

Cloth Harvesting With The Bone Knife:


  • Chickens – 6 cloth
  • Boars  – 10 cloth
  • Scientists – 20 cloth
  • Stags – 25 cloth
  • Horses – 25 cloth
  • Wolves – 30 cloth
  • Bears – 50 cloth

How To Farm Cloth In Rust

Upon harvest in the game, players will be given Hemp Seeds, which you can use to grow new Hemp plants. Make sure to plant these seeds after making a shelter because if you do this outside then there are chances that Hemp farm could be destroyed by a random player.


After making a shelter, you can begin farm cloth by using planters. If you sow Hemp Seeds in planters and take care of these seeds, they will surely give you way better clothes than Wild Hemp plants.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and farm clothes in Rust. While here, ensure reading about how to create, join, invite and leave Team in Rust.