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How To Change Gender & Color in Rust in 2021

Here's a quick guide covering how to change your character in Rust.

Developed by Facepunch Studios, Rust is a popular multiplayer survival video game released in December 2013. The developer of the game had recently added a female character but there are tons of players who have been having trouble knowing how to change their character in Rust.


Unlike the previous update, players will now be able to customize their characters in Rust the way they actually want. Yes, the game allows players to not only select female or male character but gives an option to have a larger noodle and boobs.


In Rust character guide, we will teach you how to get your desired character in the game. It should be noted that the process of changing character in Rust has been changed. Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide.

Rust: How To Change You Character


Those who really want to change their character in Rust must follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure to have a copy of Rust in your Steam library.
  • Make sure your profile is Public.
  • You need to run Rust as an administrator.

Once you have fulfilled the requirement, you will need to head into your Steam library and right-click on Rust. There, you will have to click on Properties and go to launch options. Once you get there, you will have to type the codes, depending on how you want your character to appear in the game.

Codes To Add In Your Launch Options

Currently, you can only use one code in a category. If you use two codes in the same category, your game is most likely to be crashed. Make sure to enter the following codes exactly as we have mentioned here.


Gender codes:

  • Male: -gdr20m
  • Female: -gdr20f

Color codes:

  • Low White: -rcW_low
  • Heavy White: -rcW_high
  • Low Black: -rcB_low
  • Heavy Black: -rcB_high
  • Asian: -rc_asn

Size of Noodle/B**bs:

  • Size 1 (smallest): -sz6s
  • Size 2 (medium): –sz6m
  • Size 3 (large): -sz6l


  • Hair style1: -rcH_1
  • Hair style2: -rcH_2
  • Hair style3: -rcH_3
  • Hair style4: -rcH_4
  • Hair style5: -rcH_5

The above-mentioned method does not guarantee that you will get your desired character in Rust. Currently, you can only change your character by using multiple Steam account. Since there is no official way to change character in Rust, you might need to create 10 or 100 accounts on Steam to get the character you really want.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change character in Rust. While here, ensure reading about how to create, join, invite and leave Team in Rust.