Rust Customize Character: How To Change Your Gender & Race?

Here is everything you need to know about your character customization in Rust.

Rust is a game where many players are looking to change their character or their race. This is a survival game where each and everything is coming to kill you. Be it the wildlife or other survivors. And while many games in this genre offer you some form of character customization or multiple character options to choose from. This game is a bit different. So in this guide check out if you can customize your character in Rust.

Can You Customize your Character in Rust?

can you customize your character in rust

No, you cannot customize your character in Rust. This might be a bummer for many people but it is the direction that the game developers have decided to go with for their game.

The main objective of Rust is to survive. And the developers feel that your looks shouldn’t matter. This game isn’t about identity, so the color or the gender of your character shouldn’t affect you. Your focus should be on how you can survive. And with this ideology they made half of their players play as a female character. Not only that but they even changed the race of half the players in the game. And since each time a character is generated randomly, there is no way for you to manually customize it.

But if you really want to customize your character there is one thing that you can do.

How to Change the Gender & Race of your Character?

While you cannot customize your character once created, what you can do is create a new character. And no the game won’t create a new character if you simply delete your in-game data or uninstall the game. To create a new character you will need to play with another Steam account. Each time you start the game, Rust assigns you a randomly generated character. So there is a chance that the new character you get is of the race or gender of your choice. Don’t worry you don’t have to buy the game each time. Here is what you can do:

  1. Create a new Steam account.
  2. Next, open the Steam account where you have Rust and enable Family Library Sharing.
  3. Next, add the new account you made to your original account’s family. You can authorize up to 5 accounts.
  4. Now, run Rust from your new account and you should play with a new character.

It is important to remember that this method may not work as you intend. Since the characters are created randomly, you still have a chance of getting a similar character to your original or only getting half of the preferences in them than what you intended.

That covers this guide on if you can customize your character in Rust and how to change your gender or color. If you like playing this game be sure to check our guides on what staging branch is and the best servers for beginners.