Best Rust Servers For Beginners

Check out our guide to find out the Best servers for Beginners in Rust

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game by Facepunch Studios. With the complexities of this survival game, it can take a while to grasp it for new players. That being said, the experienced players often don’t have that much patience. Sometimes, these veteran players can be over-the-top toxic and tilt their aggression towards the new players. And this can be a bit daunting experience for them. If you have started with the game recently, you need to find the friendliest and easy-to-go servers. So, here’s our guide on the best servers for beginners in Rust.

Best Servers for Beginners in Rust

Mentioned below are some of the best servers for beginners:

  • Bold Rust | SOLO ONLY | Newbie/Noob Friendly | Weekly Map Wipes
  • BOLD RUST |UK| Newbie/Noob Friendly | Solo Duo Trio
  • Rusty Warehouse – Noob Friendly since Dec 2015-4GHz
  • [West Coast] Small | Noob Friendly | Wiped Dec/2
  • Four Horsemen | PVE | No Killing | No Raiding
  • NooBs House: No KOS: Friendly
  • Dopers 420 | Noob Friendly | Vanilla
  • Rusty Updog | Solo Only | Beginner/Casual | Biweekly
  • Maglia>Monthly Wipe>Noob Friendly

How to Find New Beginner Servers

  • The word Noob Friendly means that the players in these servers don’t tilt or throw shade at new players. KoS is an abbreviation for Kill on Sight.
  • So, look for words like No KoS” and “Noob friendly” while searching the servers.
  • We suggest looking for servers that have fewer players or are empty.
  • If you are having trouble searching the in-game servers, look for websites like Rust Servers (link) to find the friendliest and most modded servers.
  • In addition to that, you can also create a private server and invite some friends for practice.

While there can be toxic or aggressive players that can be rude to beginner players in these servers too but you need to make sure that it’s not the majority.

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