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Rust Item Shop Reset: When & How Often Does It Change?

How often does the Rust Item Shop change and how does the marketplace work? Here's all you need to know about the Rust Item store reset.

The Item store is where players can buy new skins, cosmetics and if you’re like me, you are constantly on the hunt for new items to jazz up your character or weapons. Players who are curious to find out when does the Rust item shop change or refresh and how does it work, here’s all you need to know.

When does the Rust Item Shop Change & Refresh?

The Rust item store gets new skins every week and for players wondering what day does the Rust Item shop change – it can be every Thursday or Friday. Unfortunately, you don’t get any notifications from Steam regarding the item store reset, but there’s a workaround for that! Follow @RustItemStore on Twitter and turn on notifications by hitting the bell icon next to the Following button. By doing this, you will receive a push notification every time they tweet and mention new arrivals in the shop.

when does rust item store reset

It’s a bot created by user @LovoDaBest which automatically posts new information. At the time of writing, it is actively posting about new items whenever they go live in the store. There were some on Instagram as well but they are not active anymore, so this Twitter account is the best option right now.

How does the Rust Item Store Work?

how does rust item store work

The Rust Item shop is a storefront that’s managed by the developers. The prices are set by them as well. That’s where players can purchase in-game content such as weapon skins and other cosmetics like Bandana, Facemask, Chestplate skins and much more with real money.

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Make sure to read the description which explains how you can apply the skin and what it breaks down into. Secondly, after purchase, the item will not be tradable for some time. It is also eligible for a Steam Refund offer as an in-game item, if mentioned.

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