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Rust Satchel Charge: How Many Satchels To Destroy Structures

Kaboom! Check out our guide on how many satchels you need to break the stone wall and other structures in Rust.

Rust is an action and survival-based multiplayer video game by the Facepunch Studios. This game brings all the players as they raid and loot each other. Satchel Charge is an explosive that can be used to destroy the bases of other players. But the amount of these charges may differ depending on the different structures. So, here’s our guide on how many Satchels you need to break the Stone wall and more structures in Rust.


How Many Satchels to Break Structures in Rust

rust satchels satchel charge garage door

As mentioned earlier, it differs from the several structures. Mentioned below is the number of Satchels required to destroy and break the different structures:


How many Satchels for Stone Wall

Starting from a stone wall, you require 10 Satchels to destroy the structure. If the stone wall has more foundations, you may also require more Satchels. But to break a basic Stone Wall, you can place 10 Satchels.

How many Satchels for Garage Door

You require over 9 Satchels to destroy a Garage door. Similar to the Stone wall, you may require more charges if it is constructed with more foundations.


How many Satchels for Sheet Metal Door in Rust

For destroying or breaking a metal sheet, you require 4 Satchels. As these structures can be strongly resistant to the different tools, we suggest using a Rocket.

How many Satchels for Armored Door

You need to place 12 Satchel Charges to destroy the Armored door structure. We suggest using a C4 rather than a Satchel to break down their structures.


Now, that we have found out the number of Satchels required to break structures, let’s take a look at how to make them.

How to Craft or Make a Satchel Charge

Here are the following items needed to make Satchels:

  • 4 Beancan Grenades
  • 1 Small Stash
  • 1 Rope

You can place 80 Metal fragments to craft the Beancan Grenades. For a Small Stash, you need to gather 10 pieces of Cloth. Once you have these items, head to your crafting menu and place them together.

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