Rust Auto Turret Set Up Guide

In this guide you'll learn how you can get and set up an Auto Turret in Rust.

Auto Turrets are extremely useful defense mechanisms in Rust. Their ability to track and destroy targets within its line of sight is what makes it such an important utility. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how you can set one up for yourself in Rust.

How to Purchase, Get and Setup an Auto Turret in Rust?auto turret rust

There are multiple ways to get an Auto Turret in Rust. Some of these methods may take time and require a significant amount of luck. While it’s not really the most difficult thing to obtain an Auto turret in Rust, it is risky.  Once you’ve got the scrap Auto Turret, learning the blueprint will cost you 500 scrap at a research table. Currently, there are different ways in which you can obtain the blueprint of the Auto Turret. Here’s how you can get your hands on one:

Vending Machines

The vending machines available in the outpost offer you an Auto Turret for 400 scrap. Since you can’t be attacked while at the outpost, it’s best to carry the extra 500 scrap required to learn the blueprint then and there. Safe, quick, and swift- This is easily the best way to get yourself an Auto Turret.

Supply Container Drops

The supply drop container has an eye staggering 40% chance of holding an Auto Turret among all the other greatly useful items it contains. Approach a supply drop cautiously though, because it’s not exactly the safest thing to loot in Rust.

Scientists, Crates, and Containers

Among the crates, the Locked Crate and the Oil Rig Locked Crate have a 2% chance of dropping an Auto Turret. Furthermore, The Eliter Tier Crate, Underwater Lab Elite Crate, and the Military Crate have an even lower chance of 1%. To add to the insane odds, the Underwater Lab Yellow Crate has a 0.5% chance of containing an Auto Turret. Moreover, The Oil Rig Scientist, Patrol Scientist as well as the Excavator Scientist have a mockingly low 0.1% chance of dropping it. We’re not done yet- the lowest chance of dropping an Auto Turret comes via the Heavy Scientist who sits at a nearly impossible 0.08% chance. We recommend not relying on any of these to definitively obtain an Auto Turret given both the astronomically low chances as well as the danger.

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Player To Player Trading

There exist a ton of players that don’t require the services of an Auto Turret anymore. You can check the public chat for such players and/or browse player shops on the game map. You may have to part with a few dear components or utilities though so plan and think it out carefully before trading.

Materials To Craft

An Auto Turret requires a CCTV camera, a targeting computer, along with 10 High-Quality Metal. It’s pretty easy to locate targeting computers as well as CCTV cameras in crates at affordably cheap rates. Container Crate drops have a fair enough chance of dropping these ranging from 55% on the higher ones to 0.2% on the rare ones.

Crafting an Auto Turret

All you need now is to craft the Auto Turret with the materials you have. Make sure you’ve got at least the level 2 workbench. The crafting should complete in about 30-40 seconds.

Setting Up an Auto Turret

Ensure the direction your Auto Turret is facing is where you expect most enemies to arrive from. It may seem more useful to host your Auto Turret in a room with all your loot. However, the Auto Turret is known to make a lot of noise and this will simply direct enemies directly to where your precious loot lies. It’s best to place the Auto Turret in a manner such that it gets a lot of damage done and at the same time is less likely to succumb to the explosives that enemies will throw at it to destroy it. It’s advisable hence, to “protect” the turret’s accessibly damage-prone areas. Moreover, don’t forget to list yourself and your trusted friends on the permissions so that the turret doesn’t start attacking you.turret rust auto

Allocating A Weapon

The most ideal and effective weapon to equip on the Auto Turret depends on what the player’s preference is. While a lot of players agree that the Bolt Action Rifle and the Assault Rifle are the ideal and most powerful weapons to attach, the game allows you to attach any as per your preference.

Charging and Powering

An Auto Turret requires 10 power or electricity in order to be operational. Keep in mind that this means if the power falls down to 9, the turret will cease to operate until it receives 10 electricity again. This means that while the turret doesn’t require much power, the duration requires a consistent power flow. You’ll need to spend some time and work your way around deciding how to keep the Auto Turret powered. Similarly, you can also choose to use switches. These can act as triggers to utilize the Auto Turret only when in real danger.

Ammo Reloading and Weapon Switching

You’ll need to depower the Auto Turret before you begin reloading the ammo. This means that while active, you can only choose from a limited number of options like permissions. If you wish to switch the weapons you can simply interact with the Turret options to do the same.

Repairing when damaged

If you’ve got Garry’s Mod on your steam account, You can repair the turret in the same way that you would repair it with a hammer, while using the tool gun. Moreover, it even costs the same i.e 5 high-quality metal. The advantage here is that the tool gun is marginally quicker. You can even repair your damaged Auto Turret at a repair bench for 2 high-quality metal, one targeting computer and one CCTV camera.

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Controlling your set-up via the Rust App

The Rust app will allow you to control a variety of smart components set up at your base and once you’re familiar with how it all works, you can outsmart most enemies even while offline. You’ll need some time and some experimenting to carry this out flawlessly though.

That’s everything there is to know about Auto Turrets in Rust. We hope this article was of assistance to you. If you like playing Rust but are still a bit confused and wish to be a bit more precise, here’s a guide that lets you play Rust in single-player mode.