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How To Get Gunpowder In Rust (3 Ways)

Here's how to get Gunpowder as well as the materials required to craft it.

Crafting is an essential part of a survival game and one of the things that you will end up searching for is Gunpowder. It’s important because you will need it when you wish to make ammo as well as explosives to raid and destroy player bases. So, how to find and get Gunpowder in Rust? Let’s take a look.


How to Get Gunpowder in Rust?

how to make gunpowder in rust

Players can use one of three ways to obtain Gunpowder in this game:

  • Use the Crafting Menu.
  • Use the Mixing Table.
  • Recycle items.

How to Craft Gunpowder

To craft 10 Gunpowder, you need two resources:

  • 30 Charcoal
  • 20 Sulfur

How to Get Charcoal in Rust

  • Charcoal can be obtained by burning Wood with the help of a Campfire or a Furnace. As the wood burns, it will turn into Charcoal.
  • Players can craft a Campfire with 100 Wood (which can be harvested from trees using various tools).
  • A Regular Furnace will require 50 Low grade Fuel, 100 Wood and 200 Stones to craft.

How to Get Sulfur in Rust

  • Players must smelt Sulfur Ore in a Furnace (Regular or Large) to obtain Sulfur in Rust.
  • And to get Sulfur Ore, you need to mine rock nodes. A rock that’s packed with Sulfur will have a greenish-yellow color on it.
  • Plus, you might find some rocks scattered around which could give be made of Sulfur Ore as well.

Crafting Menu

Now that you have gathered all the required materials to craft Gunpowder in Rust, go ahead and find a Workbench and use the crafting menu. It should take about 2 seconds to craft this item.


Mixing Table

  • For more efficiency, you can use a Mixing Table to craft Gunpowder. Simply approach and interact with one and add Sulfur Ores and Charcoals. Drag and drop the material icons and click on Start Mixing. This will take 5 seconds.


If you have some unwanted items (such as ammo or other explosives) in your inventory, you can put them in the Recycler and get Gunpowder from this method.

That’s all there is to it! Based on the time you have before a raid, you can choose any of the aforementioned methods to get this resource. Once done, you can use it as an ingredient in ammo such including Incendiary Rocket, Incendiary Pistol Bullet, HV Pistol Ammo etc. Apart from ammo, you will also require this material if you are planning to craft a Land Mine, Survey Charge, Beancan Grenade as well as an F1 Grenade. Overall, it’s a raiding must-have.


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