Best and Quickest Way to Get Scrap In Rust

There are multiple ways to get Scrap in Rust, read about all of them right here.

Scrap is an important resource in the survival game Rust. You might not find it useful at the beginning, but it will become essential as you progress in the game. It is required to build base components, make blueprints at the research table, experiment at a workbench, purchase, and much more. Considering its necessity, it is evident that you might be looking for some best, easiest, and quickest ways to get Scrap in Rust.

Rust: How to Obtain Scrap

There are multiple ways to easily get Scrap in Rust. Here are all the different ways to obtain scrap.

How to get Scrap in Rust?

  • Crates: Both crates and primitive crates can get you a handful of Scrap. Usually, opening a primitive crate can get you 3 Scraps and a crate can get you 5 of them. These are the best methods to farm Scraps during the initial spawn period.
  • Toolboxes: Similar to the crates, you will find toolboxes scattered across the ground. You can farm around 5 Scraps from a toolbox. Apart from Scraps, you can also get tools, armor, and weapons in toolboxes.
  • Recycling: You can recycle different items to get Scraps. The amount you receive all depends on the item you are recycling. Some of the best items to recycle for getting a decent amount of Scraps to include, Rifle Body, SMG Body, Road Signs, Tech Trash, Electric Fuse, and Sheet Metal.
  • Sea: Sea can contain all the types of crates, chests, barrels, and toolboxes to open. All you need to do is explore the sea and find the sunken items to farm Scrap in Rust. If you want to maximize your loot from the sea, we would recommend using the Scuba Diving gear, in fact, it is a must.
  • Barrels: Although not impressive enough, barrels are a decent way of getting Scrap. You can get 2 Scraps from each barrel. However, breaking and opening the barrel can consume some time and effort.
  • Monuments: Running a monument is the best way to get the largest amount of Scrap. You will get all types of crates in here, which will give you a huge amount of Scrap each. However, it is easier said than done. Monuments are home to a large volume of roaming scientists (enemies in Rust). Hence, you will have to take them down to get the reward in the end.
  • PvP: Rust allows you to either play friendly or kill other players in the game. If you decide on killing other players, you can loot them and get all the Scraps they are holding.
  • Roaming Scientists: Taking down a roaming scientist can be difficult, but it yields lucrative rewards. If you are successful in taking down roaming scientists, you will be able to get somewhere in between 8 to 22 Scraps along with other items.
  • Bandit Camp: Bandit Camps can offer a huge amount of Scraps. All you need to do is a farm in the camps. The best time to visit a Bandit Camp for Scraps is during the night.

How to get Scrap in Rust?

Those are some of the best ways to easily and quickly get Scraps in Rust by exploring looting, and recycling. While here, ensure reading our guides on how to get Metal Fragments, get Stone, and fly a Minicopter in Rust. Reading these guides will help you survive till the very end of the game.