How To Quickly Get High Quality Metal In Rust

High Quality Metal in Rust is a crafting item that will help you create better and durable weapons. Check out how to farm HQM right here

High quality metal in Rust can be a boon when you’re trying to craft better weapons and items in the game. This rare resource will help you get high-end weapons helping you to take down enemies much faster but knowing how to get your hands on it can be a bit of a challenge. If you want to know how to get high quality metal in Rust, read the rest of this guide.

How To Get High Quality Metal In Rust

The best way to farm high quality metal in rust is to by sprinklers for 15 scraps each and then recycle them to get 3 of the item. You can even solar panels and medium batteries each costing around 75 scraps and recycle them for 13 such items. Weapons and items too yield a lot of this rare item, so make sure that you do not ignore them.

how to get high quality metal in Rust

The Following weapons will yield high quality metal when recycled:

  • Rocket Launcher ×50
  • Assault Rifle ×25
  • LR-300 Assault Rifle ×20
  • M249 ×20
  • MP5A4 ×20
  • Bolt Action Rifle ×15
  • M92 Pistol ×13
  • Thompson ×13
  • Custom SMG ×10
  • Flame Thrower ×8
  • Pump Shotgun ×8
  • Python Revolver ×5
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol ×4

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The following attachments will yield high quality metal when recycled:

  • Silencer ×3
  • Simple Handmade Sight ×3
  • Weapon Lasersight ×2
  • Weapon Flashlight ×2
  • 4x Zoom Scope ×25
  • Holosight ×6
  • Muzzle Boost ×5
  • Muzzle Brake ×4

If you recycle the following components you will get high quality metals:

  • Metal Spring x1
  • Road Signs x1
  • Sheet Metal x1
  • Tech Trash x1
  • SMG Body ×2
  • Rifle Body ×2
  • Semi-Automatic Body ×2
  • Metal Pipe x1

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Alternatively, you can even try looting chests and other players after taking them down to get some amounts of this precious resource in Rust. The more you search for it, the more ideas you will get as to where and how you can get it.

There are many more things in Rust that give you high quality metal, so make sure to recycle whatever items that you do not need. This will ensure that you have a steady supply of this rare item in the game which is extremely crucial when you’re crafting higher grade weapons.