Starfield: How To Recover From Infections

Here is how you can heal your character from infections in Starfield.

In the world of Starfield, there are plenty of hazards and dangers that can affect your character’s health. Infections are one such affliction that can range from mild to severe if not treated. Fortunately, players can cure such infections easily in Starfield using various ways like visiting doctors and using aid meds. This guide will walk you through all these ways you can recover your character’s health from infections.

How to Cure Infections in Starfield

Now, before we begin depending on the harshness of an infection, it can possibly cure by itself over time. However, as mentioned earlier, it can also get much worse if not treated. You can get this information, by looking at the affliction’s Prognosis on the character status.

Here, a good prognosis means that it will cure itself over time and the character will recover from infections, while a poor prognosis means you need medication and other means to recover. Below are the ways you can follow to recover from infections in Starfield.

Visiting a Doctor

how to cure infections in Starfield

If you have credits in your hand, you can visit the doctor to help you recover from types of infections. Doctors are located on many planets and systems across the Starfield universe. Just head to the docs and choose “I need help, docs” to start the treatment. The treatment can cost from range 400 to 800 credits depending on the location and doctor you visit.

List of places where you can find doctors:

  • Neon City – Alley
  • New Atlantis – Centurion Arsenal, Residential District, The Well
  • Akila City – The Rock
  • Cydonia – Main Hub
  • The Key – Dr. Samina Mizrah

Use Antibiotics to Cure Infections

Antibiotics are the best way to cure infections in Starfield if you don’t want to go to the doctor, or can’t find any near you. You can purchase these antibiotics from vendors in different places in the Starfield world. Below are a few recommendations:

  • Manaaki Almonte – Cydonia
  • James Newill , Kolman Land – Neon
  • Mary Cartwrite, Trade Authority – Akila City
  • Jemison Merchantile, Reliant Medical – New Atlantis

Moreover, you can craft antibiotic past to speed up the curing process, for this go to one of the Pharmaceutical labs and craft Antibiotic Paste using the following items:

  • x 1 Membrane
  • x 1 Antimicrobial

Other Aid Items Analgesic Poultices, Penicillin X

In Starfield, you can use various other aid items, such as Analgesic Poultice, and Penicillin X to recover from infections. For this, you need to get a few materials to craft it inside the Pharmaceutical Lab. This lab is located in  “The Lodge” in the New Atlantis city.

Analgesic Poultice

  • x 1 Bandages
  • x 1 Antibiotics
  • x 1 Heal Paste

Penicillin X 

  • x 1 Membrane
  • x 1 Metabolic Agent
  • x 2 Antimicrobial

Additionally, players can also use Decontamination skills to boost immunity and cure infections. This decontamination skill is a high-tier expert skill in Starfield that can be unlocked by using 8 skill points in the physical skill tree. Further, the more you rank up the decontamination skill, the more effective it is in curing infections and even decreasing the chances of getting an infection.

That’s everything you need to know about how to recover from infections in Starfield. Here are some more articles to help you with tasks like healing and health restoration like how to Med pack or Unlock +40% health. Moreover, here’s a guide to help you get rid of all Status Effects and afflictions. Check out Starfield’s dedicated section on Gamer Tweak for more tips and guides.