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Starfield: How To Get To Akila City (Planet And System)

On the quest “The Empty Nest and searching for Akila City? Here's how you can reach Akila City, the capital metropolis of Freestar collective in Starfield.

There are a few important cities spread around in the Starfield universe, Akila City is one such highlight metropolis in the game. It is the home to the Freestar Collective faction. Be it just for exploring and stocking supplies or to complete “The Empty Nest” quest, this guide will help you to find and get to the Akila City location in Starfield.

Akila City Location in Starfield

Akila City Location

Akila City is on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system, Which is found to the northeast of Alpha Centauri. The game’s storyline will take you to Akila city for the mission “The Empty Nest” the home of Sam Coe.

Although you can use the Spaceship to reach there anytime. Additionally, you get the opportunity to join the Freestar Ranger for the Freestar Collective on the Planet by completing the Deputized quest.

How to Get to Akila City

To reach Akila in the Cheyenne system, you need to move north of the Olympus system. You can do this by using your Spaceship. Grav Jumping is the way to travel to the Cheyenne system and then land on the Akila Planet. As mentioned earlier, you do have to visit there as a part of The “Empty Nest” quest, accompanied by Sam Coe.  The City is the hub to stock up supplies and trade weapons, ammunition, and other reserves.

In Akila City, there are a lot of side-quests and adventures to contest by visiting The Rock or wandering the city. Also, there are two player houses in the city, “The Stretch Apartment” and “The Core Residence” for players to purchase at 45,000 credit and 78,000 credit respectively.

And that sums up everything about Akila City and how to get there in Starfield. There are more such cities like Paradiso located on the Porrima 2 planet in the Porrima system which you can explore. Moreover, check out more such guides about this game in the Starfield section on our website Gamer Tweak.