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Starfield Paradiso Location

Paradiso, a place truly different than other planets can be hard to find while exploring in Starfield. Here is how you can find it.

While other planets in Starfield are full of flora and fauna, the place named Paradiso is one of the most exciting ones that you can find. From makeovers and relaxing to completing quests and scanning items for survey data, this planet has it all. So keep on reading to check out its location and how you can get there.

Where to Find Paradiso in Starfield (Location Guide)

  • The Porrima system consists of 6 different planets, Paradiso is located in Porrima 2. You can find it between Kryx and Volii.
  • Once you are present in the orbit of Porrima 2, The First Contact Quest transmission will begin.
  • You can also just visit Paradiso if you do not want to take up the Quest. You will have to enter the Main Lobby following the route towards entering it.
  • Here, you can also purchase Starships, as it has a range of 6 unique and rare ships that you can buy using credits.
  • If you explore this place, you will also be able to scan resources that come your way – Chlorine, Lithium, Iron, Fiber, etc. are some examples.

    Where to Find Paradiso in Starfield
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What is the First Contact Quest?

  • On Paradiso, you will have to complete the First Contact Quest – Once you speak to Chief Sugiyama, he will tell you about a ship that has been unresponsive and locked in orbit around their planet. Since any communication they have tried from their end hasn’t been reciprocated, they are threatened by it and do not want to cause panic to their guest staying at the Paradiso Hotel.
  • The Mission is for the player to serve as a middle-person between Paradiso Hotel and the unidentified spaceship.
  • Once you are near the ship, you will still fail to make contact with it and will have to attempt a docking procedure.
  • After you enter the spaceship, you will be greeted by Captain Diana Brackenridge, and she will tell you that ship Earth Colony Ship Constant was boarded 200 years ago, and they set their journey to come and live in Paradiso. She, same as Chief Sugiyama, wants you to act as a middle person.
  • The course of this Mission is entirely up to the player, you can either choose to help them or could even buy the Grav Drive, but will have to convince Constant to settle somewhere else. The decisions are in the hands of the player.

This was your guide on where to find Paradiso in Starfield. You can also check out how to get a dream home, get structural material, and more.