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How to Increase Max Health Starfield?(Unlock +40% Health)

Max HP is a necessity in Starfield, without it getting out of combat is not possible.

HP drops for various reasons in Starfield, other than combat. For instance, while exploring planets with extreme pressure or gravity, players can experience health/stamina loss. So it is not bad to have max HP points unlocked in the game. This guide provides two methods to unlock maximum health in Starfield.

Tips Increase Max Health

Starfield: How To Increase Health Bar?

There are two ways to get maximum health, first via consumables and second via unlocking Rank 4 of the Wellness Skill Tier. This skill set falls under the Physical Tier 1 category.

  • Rank 1: +10% Max Health
  • Rank 2: +20% Max Health
  • Rank 3: +30% Max Health
  • Rank 4: +40% Max Health

Having 40% more health is always good in combat, but unlocking all Rank 4 will take time. However, it is worth investing in working on Ranking up the health skills. This is the first way to level up Health Bar in Starfield.

The next set of skills to work on is the Physical Skill Tier 4 category. Unlock all ranks in the Rejuvenation category. Upgrading this skill will help you to increase the speed of Health Regeneration. The faster your health restores the more you can fight. Also Rank 3rd and 4th will reward you with the ability to restore health inside combat.

  • Rank 1: Slow Health Regeneration Outside of Combat
  • Rank 2: Quick Health Regeneration Outside Combat
  • Rank 3: Faster Health Regeneration Outside Combat
    • Also Slowly Regenerate Health Inside Combat
  • Rank 4: More Faster Health Regeneration Outside Combat
    • Also Quickly Regenerate Health Inside Combat

Last but not least, there is a skill set that powers up Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and emergency Kit restoration speed. This will contribute a lot to your Health Regeneration capabilities while using consumables. The skill falls under Science Skills Tier 1 under Research Methods.

  • Rank 1: +10% Health & +10% Faster Restoration using consumables.
  • Rank 2: +20% Health & +20% Faster Restoration using consumables.
  • Rank 3: +30% Health & +30% Faster Restoration using consumables.
  • Rank 4: +50% Health & +10% Faster Restoration using consumables & Chance to cure Affliction.

The second way to restore health is via consumables. They offer a temporary boost, but it is the fastest way to restore health during combat. Consumables like Medpack, Antibiotics, or Bandages can be purchased or crafted. There are many vendors who sell ammo and consumables.  Set necessary consumables to Quick Slot. This will help you to consume it instantly when required.

Starfield also has a Research Lab system where players can unlock new recipes. These recipes increase health and stamina capacity when consumed. So this is all about how to get maximum HP in Starfield. For more such guides and tips on the game check out our Starfield Guide section.