Palworld: How To Prevent Pal Starvation

Wondering why your Pals are starving in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know if you want all your creatures to remain healthy and active.

Although Palworld has a number of features like crafting items and base building, one of the key elements of the game are the Pals that exist in this dynamic world. Players will have to spend most of their time trying to catch the perfect Pal. All these creatures are resourceful and will help you complete the tasks you give them. In return, you will have to take care of them by building beds, maintaining their sanity levels, and making sure they are well-fed at all times.

However, sometimes you might notice that your Pals are getting sick because they have been starving. As a result, many players are wondering how they can prevent starvation so that their Pals remain healthy. If you need help with this, here’s what you need to do if you want to boost the health of your creatures so that they can complete all their assigned duties.

How to Prevent Pal Starvation in Palworld

Jam-Filled Buns are one of the best food items you can give to you Pals in Palworld
Jam-Filled Buns are one of the best food items you can give to your Pals in Palworld

Although Pals can’t die of starvation, it can adversely affect their productivity. This will take a toll on your growth and will also cause problems at your base. Here, we will list all the reasons why your Pals might be starving and what you can do to avoid this problem.

Feed Box items

The first reason why your Pals aren’t eating and are starving is due to the items that are in the Feed Box you have made for your working creatures. Keep in mind that every item in this Box will help you with your Pals SAN.

Therefore, instead of filling it with raw food items like Milk and Eggs, players must try to focus on adding crafted food items like Jam-Filled Bun, Salad, Bread, and Baked Berries. Since these items have a high amount of nutrition, they will also help to increase the sanity meter of your creatures, which will directly help you prevent starvation.

Overcrowded Base

Even after you have filled your Feed Box with the best food items, there is a chance that these creatures will not be able to get to this Box and feed themselves. Instead they will get stuck trying to move from one place to another because your base is overcrowded.

This is a common issue most players face, as you have to keep crafting new items and buildings to level up your base. However, if you don’t space out all the structures properly, your Pals won’t be able to access the Feed Box, which will lead to hunger and starvation. As a result, make sure you are not cramming your base with too many workstations and structures.

Negative Passive Skill Pals

Lastly, make sure you try and avoid adding Pals that possess negative Passive Skills as they will get hungry and start starving faster as compared to the other Pals. Additionally, players should try their level best to avoid Pals that have Glutton, Unstable, Destructive, and Bottomless Stomach as their Passive Skill.

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to prevent Pal starvation. Get to know more about this open-world survival crafting game, by reading about how you can cure Fracture, Sprain, and Weak Pals, right here on Gamer Tweak.