How To Heal Sprain In Palworld

Sprain in Palworld is one of the status condition that your pal might get quickly by injuring themselves during work. Here’s how to cure all your pals with Sprain in the game.

In Palworld, overworking your pals on the base without rest or genuine care might lead to several status ailments like depression, weakened, and worse of all injuries. These work-related injuries will surely hamper their productivity making them unable to work and much more vulnerable. And while major injuries like fractures are rare, your pals will quickly stumble upon minor ones like Sprain in Palworld.

And although your pals may get the injury quite easily, it’s equally easy to fix using some of the medical supplies in the game. However, you might need to hunt some of the pals or craft them using the workbench. Either way, if you want to heal pals with Sprain in Palworld, then here is a guide with everything you need to know.

How to Cure Pals With Sprain in Palworld

How To Cure Pals With Sprain Palworld
Heal Pals With Sprain Condition With Low-Grade Medical Supplies (Image Source: Games & Apps Tutorials on YouTube)

To fix a Sprain in Palworld, players will need to get their hands on Low-Grade Medical Supplies in the game. While there are a couple of ways through which you can grab these medical supplies, the most common way to get them would be to hunt down some pals.

Pals like Flopie, Lifmunk, and Vaelet drop Low-Grade Medical Supplies once defeated in Palworld. It is better to take down these pals early on as you will need to grind some levels to unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench required to craft the supplies.

The crafting station is unlocked for players after reaching level 12 in the game. In order to build the workbench, you will need x2 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments. After placing the Medieval Medicine Workbench at your base, you will need to gather some resources to craft the Low-Grade Medical Supplies. Here are all the resources you will need to forage:

  • x5 Berries
  • x2 Horns

Finally, you can always purchase the Low-Grade Medical Supplies from the Travelling Salesman in Palworld. However, you will find them costing around 240 Gold which might just be too much at the start. That said, once you get your hands on the medical supplies you can feed it to your pal with Sprain in Palworld and heal him of the injury. You can do this by approaching the injured pal and using the feed command from the Pal Command Interface in the game.

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