How To Get And Breed Frostallion Noct In Palworld

Wondering how you can obtain the Legendary Dark-type Pal Frostallion Noct in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know.

Palworld is filled with several Pals that come with their unique set of skills and benefits. That being said, some are quite easy to capture, however, some creatures are extremely difficult to obtain. Similarly, if you want to get the Frostallion Noct Pal in the game, you might have noticed that this creature doesn’t have a spawn location on your map.

As a result, you will have to pair two creatures in order to create this Dark-type Pal. Therefore, if you need help to understand this breeding process better, here’s how you can get this Legendary creature.

How to Breed a Frostallion Noct in Palworld

To breed a Frostallion Noct in Palworld you will have to pair Frostallion and Helzephyr together
To breed a Frostallion Noct in Palworld you will have to pair Frostallion and Helzephyr together

In order to get this rare Pal, you will have to pair Frostallion and Helzephyr, so that you can breed a Frostallion Noct Pal. Therefore, to start this process, we will first mention how and where you can capture both these creatures. Additionally, before you can catch these Pals, make sure one is a female and one is a male.

How to Get Frostallion in Palworld

To find this particular creature, you can use the following coordinates (-357, 508), which is towards the eastern side of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point. To protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions, make sure you have equipped the right armor and fire-based weapons so that you can easily capture this Pal.

Where to Find Helzephyr in Palworld

Helzephyr is mostly found towards the south-east side of the snow island. You will find this Pal flying during the nighttime in the Mossanda Forest. Once you are able to locate it, capture it so that you can begin the breeding process.

Once you have both of these creatures, you can begin breeding by adding both of these Pals to a Breeding Farm. However, before they can breed and lay an Egg, you will have to give them a Cake. The materials you will need for this recipe will be –

  • 2 Eggs
  • 5 Flour
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 8 Honey

Once these items are added to the Cooking Pot, you can make the Cake and give it to these two Pals. This will encourage these creatures to breed. Once the process is complete, you will receive an Egg from Frostallion and Helzephyr. Use the Egg Incubator to keep the Egg warm until it is ready to hatch. Once hatched, you will get the Legendary Frostallion Noct Pal.

This is everything you need to know about breeding Frostallion Noct in Palworld, if you want to own this Dark-type Pal. If you are looking for more informational guides to level up in this game, don’t forget to check out our best Pals tier list and how you can change your Pals’s name, all available here on Gamer Tweak.