Palworld: How To Hatch Eggs Faster And Heat Up Incubator

Found some eggs and are looking to quickly hatch them in Palworld? Here is how you can get the Egg Incubator and how you can keep it warm.

Palworld takes inspiration from Pokemon and ARK series, as such you are bound to come across some of the common mechanisms in them. One such feature is the ability to find new Pals by hatching eggs. You can find all sorts of eggs in the game’s open world or by breeding. While getting eggs may be easy, in order to hatch them you actually need incubators. So if you aren’t sure how it works, here is how you can get an egg incubator in Palworld and heat it up to speed up the hatching time of your eggs.

How to Get an Egg Incubator in Palworld to Hatch Pals

How To Get An Egg Incubator In Palworld
Image Credits: Teachers Game Too on YouTube

You need to reach level 7 to unlock Ancient Technology where you can craft your first Egg Incubator. The resources you need for it are:

  • Paldium Fragment x10
  • Cloth x5
  • Stone x30
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x2 – Needed to unlock Egg Incubator

The hardest resource from the above list is Ancient Civilization parts. You can check out our detailed farming guide for it. However, assuming you haven’t fought the first boss Zoe and Grizzboly, then they are a good source to get your first 5 Ancient Civilization Parts.

After you unlock it you can use the above resources to make and place an Egg Incubator at your base. Now here is how you can start the hatching process:

  1. Walk up to the Incubator and press F to set an egg.
  2. This will open up your inventory. Choose the type of egg that you wish to hatch:
    • Regular
    • Large
    • Huge
  3. These are just the variants there are 9 further types of eggs that you can find.
  4. After you place the egg inside, it will show you the real-world time you need to wait before it hatches.

How to Warm Incubator in Palworld to Speed Up Eggs Hatching Time

How To Heat Up Incubator To Keep Eggs Warm In Palworld
Image Credits: Teachers Game Too on YouTube

Whenever you place your egg inside the incubator it sometimes may tell you a status. The most common one is “Seems just a little cold”. The easiest thing to do here is to heat up your Egg Incubator to speed up the hatching process. To do that:

  • Build a Campfire near the Incubator: Making a Campfire only requires 10 wood. Gather some wood, press B, and go to the Food tab and you can place your campfire.
  • Use a Heater: Another way to heat up an incubator is by using a heater. This unlocks at level 17 and you need a fire Pal along with the following resources:
    • Charcoal x10
    • Flame Organ x5
    • Ingot x20
  • Go to a Hot Biome: The volcano region located on the southwest side of the map is a fiery section. As such when you want to warm up some dragon or fire eggs you should probably place an egg incubator here.

Do remember that just placing campfires around the incubator won’t do the trick. There are many factors you need to consider. Whether the egg needs heat to speed up the hatching process faster. For example, a Pal that is of the Ice element may not prefer hot temperatures.

You also need to take into account how much heat it requires. Depending on that you can use any of the above 3 heating methods. Your incubator placement also matters, for example when you place it outside, the temperature might be normal but it gets colder during the night. Now, you may have to place a campfire or heater to make the egg warm and cozy.

That’s everything you should know from how to get an egg incubator to how you can hatch them faster by warming them up. While you are here I suggest you also check our guide on how to change your Pal name. You can also visit our Palworld section for more help with other topics of this game.