Palworld Eggs List – All 9 Primary Egg Types

Check out here for a complete list of Eggs and all other relevant information in Palworld.

Palworld features a variety of Eggs that when hatched bring a corresponding Pal into life. There are a total of 9 Egg types which correspond to these elements – Neutral, Dark, Dragon, Ground, Electric, Fire, Ice, Grass, and Water. Basically, you can say that these are the Elemental Eggs that are found in Normal, Large, and Huge size variants.

Our guide here features a complete list of Eggs in Palworld along with some other important information.

Note: This list is subject to change as the game is still in Early Access. We will update it with new information as soon as a new Egg type is released.

Here’s a Complete List of Eggs in Palworld

Complete List of Eggs in Palworld
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Below are all the 9 Egg Types along with their corresponding Pal Elements:

  • Common Egg – Neutral Pal
  • Dark Egg – Dark Pal
  • Dragon Egg – Dragon Pal
  • Rocky Egg – Ground Pal
  • Electric Egg – Electric Pal
  • Scorching Egg – Fire Pal
  • Frozen Egg – Ice Pal
  • Verdant Egg – Grass Pal
  • Damp Egg – Water Pal

To provide more knowledge about the Eggs, we have created a table below. Wherein, you can see all Egg Types, a suitable temperature for hatching them, and some of the possible Pals that they can spawn.

Egg TypeSizePreferred TemperaturePossible Pals
Common EggNormal WarmDirehowl, Eikthydeer, Nitewing, Melpaca, Galeclaw
Common EggLargeWarmGrintale, Lunaris
Damp EggNormal CoolCelaray, Pengullet, Surfent
Damp Egg HugeCoolSuzaka Aqua, Penking
Scorching EggNormal HotArsox, Vanwyrm, Leezpunk ignis, Rooby, Foxparks, Kelpsea Ignis
Scorching Egg LargeHotBushi, Ragnahawk, Wixen, Ragnahawk, Pyrin Noct
Scorching EggHugeHotBlazehowl Noct
Dark EggNormal CoolMau, Daedream
Dark EggLargeCoolFelbat, Tombat, Nox
Rocky EggNormal HotDumud, Fuddler, Hangyu
Rocky EggHugeHotWarsect
Verdant EggNormal WarmCaprity, Cinnamoth, Tanzee, Gumoss, Lifmunk, Flopie
Verdant Egg LargeWarmMossanda
Verdant Egg HugeWarmElizabee
Frozen EggNormal CoolChillet, Mau Cryst, Reindrix, Swee
Frozen EggLargeCoolSweepa, Sibelyx, Vanwyrm Cryst
Frozen Egg HugeCoolMammorest Cryst
Dragon Egg HugeCoolRelaxaurus
Electric EggNormal WarmDazzi
Electric Egg LargeWarmUnivolt

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