How To Cure Weakened Pals In Palworld

In Palworld, your Pals get Weakened if not taken care of properly. This happens mainly because they are not getting enough nutrition to keep going all day. Now, it is up to you to cure your Pals otherwise they will lose their efficiency.

For those who are unaware of it, being Weakened is an ailment, just like being Depressed in this game. However, these ailments are completely curable so there is nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, we have covered this guide to explain how you can cure the Weakened status ailment in Palworld. Since the game does not do a great job of explaining it, we will.

Here’s How to Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld

First of all, it’s important to know how to identify a Pal with Weakened ailment. You will know the Pal’s status by looking at the Base Info (the list of Pals working at the Base). Also, you can check it by going to the Pal screen.

Building Medieval Medicine Workbench to Build Medicine for Weakened Pals in Palworld
Use a Medieval Medicine Workbench to Craft Medicine for Weakened Pals

Now for the cure, you will need High-Grade Medical Supplies for it. This medicine can be purchased from a merchant by spending x3000 Gold. In any circumstance, if you are not able to find a merchant, it is better to craft High-Grade Medical Supplies at your base. This can be done only if you have a Medieval Medicine Workbench.

A Medieval Medicine Workbench is unlocked after reaching Technology Level 12. Once unlocked, you will need x30 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments to build it. After the medicine workbench is ready, use these resources to craft High-Grade Medical Supplies to cure a Weakened Pal in Palworld:

  • x5 Ingots: Spend x10 Ores at a Furnace to craft it
  • x5 Horns: Dropped by a Pal with Horns like Eikthyrdeers, etc.
  • x2 Bones: Dropped by a Pal like Vixy, Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, etc
High Grade Medical Supplies can Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld
Crafting High Grade Medical Supplies to Cure Weakened Pals

Now that you have High-Grade Medical Supplies, go to your Inventory, right-click on it, and feed it to a Weakened Pal in Palworld. At first, crafting a medicine will take a lot of time. But if you assign this task to a Pal with a Medicine Production Work Suitability Trait, it will be done in no time. Here are some of the Pals that have Medicine Production traits in Palworld:

  • Lifmunk
  • Flopie
  • Cinnamoth
  • Robinquill
  • Robinquill Terra
  • Beegarde
  • Bristla
  • Elizabee
  • Lovander
  • Katress
  • Sibelyx
  • Petallia
  • Vaelet
  • Felbat
  • Lyleen Noct
  • Lyleen

Now that you have everything set for you, you can easily cure a Weakened Pal in Palworld. But you have to be careful next time so it won’t happen again. Simply build a Feed Box so that your Pals can eat whenever they feel hungry. In case you don’t know, a Feed Box is unlocked after reaching Technology Level 4 and requires X20 Woods to be built. Once you have placed a Feed Box at your base, you can transfer food from Inventory to it. Your Pals will automatically eat it when hungry and they won’t get Weakened again.

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That is all the information you will need to deal with a Weakened Pal in Palworld. One last thing, just make sure to take care of your Pals and help them maintain their Sanity. Or else, they will just stop contributing at all.