How To Assign Pals To Specific Tasks In Palworld

Lessen your workload by assigning the Pals to specific jobs in Palworld.

If you let your Pals choose the work themselves, you will often find excessive helpers for one job, and none for another. Even when you rely on them and leave the base thinking they will complete the task they chose, some will disappoint you. They might start working on another job, especially if they have multiple work suitability. In such cases, it is best to first check their suitability and then assign them to the specific tasks in Palworld.

While being able to adapt and work in multiple fields is a talent, it leads to distraction. If that happens, you might want to get rid of them and would be wondering if it is possible to release the Pals. The answer to that and the steps for assigning jobs are right here.

How to Assign Pals to Jobs in Palworld

How to Assign Pals to Jobs in Palworld
Image Credit: ConCon on YouTube
  1. To assign Pals to a specific job, you must approach them in the base camp.
  2. When you are near them, you will see a Lift option.
  3. Lift and drop them where they need to finish the task.
  4. If they have work suitability for the place, you will see a message on the right saying fixed assignment to the job.

The best way to find out which Pal is suitable for which task, is by accessing the Management Menu. Under the Pal who is at the base section, select any and check its skill and suitability. If their passive skill is workaholic, that is not good; make a bed for them to relax.

How to Get Rid of Pals in Palworld

You cannot release the Pals you have captured, but you can get rid of them in two ways. I personally prefer the first one, which is to sell them to the Black Marketeer. The Black Marketeer is found in the northwest of the game’s starting area at the eastern edge of the molten zone. You have to look for the cave and head inside to meet the Marketeer. Talk, and you will get the option to sell and buy Pals.

The second way to get rid of Pals is by butchering them. Cruel and gruesome, but probably the fastest, if you have a Meat Cleaver. The Cleaver requires ingots, wood, and stone for crafting. Equip it and go near them. This time you will see a “Butcher” option rather than a “Pet“.

Note: Butchering Pals is illegal in the game world. If any NPC notices, a bounty will be placed on you.

That’s all for our guide on how to assign and release Pals in Palworld. If this helped you, check out more tips and mechanism topics through the Palworld section.