How To Increase Pal Sanity In Palworld

Learn how you can keep all your Pals happy and sane by effectively managing their sanity meter in Palworld.

Pals are an integral part of Palworld. During the early stages of the game, players might prefer eliminating them in order to get the resources they need. However, as you progress through this open-world survival game, you will realize that capturing and taming them is much more beneficial. Once they are at your base, you can give them tasks to complete based on their skills and abilities and they will make sure to fulfill all the duties assigned to them. In return, the players must always be prepared and learn what they need to do to keep all their working creatures happy, which will directly help increase your Pals sanity.

Similarly, if these sanity levels start to drop, the Pals start becoming unproductive and can’t finish the work you have given them. As a result, it is crucial to understand more about this, so that your base is always operating smoothly. If you need help with this, here are all the different ways you can manage your Pals sanity or SAN and keep your little creatures in check.

How to Increase Your Pals Sanity in Palworld

How To Increase Pal Sanity Meter In Palworld

Build Beds

The first and most important step is building enough beds for your Pals. If you are assigning tasks to several Pals but don’t have enough beds for them to rest, your base will be filled with a ton of stressed little creatures the next day. Consequently, this will hamper the productivity and none of the work will get done. Therefore, make sure you have built multiple beds that will be enough for all the Pals you have recruited.

Keep Restocking the Feed Box

Although rest is important, the little helpers will also need food if they are continuously working. As a result, make sure you have always kept the Feed Box full with the food they consume. Additionally, to make sure their sanity levels don’t drop, you can also feed them high-quality foods like meat, eggs, bread, etc.

Unlock and Build Hot Springs

Pals will need to take breaks from their work whenever they get tired and will need an outlet to elevate their moods. However, you can make their break time even more relaxing by building Hot Springs for them. Once you complete level 9, you will be able to unlock and build Hot Springs. These are the resources you will need to make this item –

Keep Swapping Pals

Whenever you notice that Pals sanity is dangerously low, you should switch them out with a different creature. This will indirectly help you get your assigned work done in time, as once their sanity decreases, they automatically refuse to complete their jobs.

Heal their Injuries

Make sure you are able to immediately help and heal the Pals suffering from an injury. You will have to ensure that you have stocked up on enough Low-grade and High-Grade medical supplies. Additionally, to know more about this process you can refer to our guide on crafting medicine and healing Pals.

We have covered all the different methods you can use to always keep your Pals sanity in check. Now that you know how to keep your working creatures happy and sane, continue reading about the best Pal name ideas and find out how you can cure a depressed Pal in Palworld, right here on Gamer Tweak.