Why is my Pal Sad? How to Cure a Depressed Pal in Palworld

Are your Pals Depressed in Palworld? Well, here’s what you can do to cure them.

One of the first issues you may find yourself stuck in the game is when wondering how to fix and cure the depression of a depressed Pal in Palworld. Yes, your Pals can have different ailments that affect your party’s productivity. They can get injured or feel hungry while doing their chores, and if you neglect them, they can even get depressed.

Looking at the Base Info, you will know what debuff or status has caught your Pal. And if you are looking to cure a Depressed Pal in Palworld, you need a specific kind of medicine in-game.

Why is my Pal Sad?

Your Pal becomes sad and depressed when its Sanity meter drops too low and stays that way due to neglect. This can happen due to being hungry for too long or having medical problems due to working too hard without getting enough rest, relaxation, attention, or sleep.

Because of this ailment of depression, your Pals won’t be willing to work. This can not only bring tasks to a halt but they will soon become more of a burden than help, especially if it happens to more than one Pal at once.

How to Cure Sadness of a Depressed Pal in Palworld

How to Fix and Cure Depression of a Depressed Pal in Palworld

To fix and cure the depression of a depressed or weakened Pal in Palworld, you will need a High-Grade Medical Supply. You can purchase it from a Trader for 3000 Gold. Finding a Trader can be a pain, but don’t worry, you can also craft this item.

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All you have to do is build a Medieval Medicine Workbench. To unlock this workbench, enter the Technology section and spend Technology Points to reach level 12. Then, build it with x30 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments.

How To Cure A Depressed Pal In Palworld

Once your Medicine Workbench is ready, you will need the following recipe ingredients to craft the High-Grade Medical Supply:

  • x5 Ingots: Spend x10 Ores at a Furnace to craft it
  • x5 Horns: Dropped by a Pal with Horns like Eikthyrdeers, etc.
  • x2 Bones: Dropped by a Pal like Vixy, Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, etc.

After you have crafted the High-Grade Medical Supply, go to the Depressed Pal to fix it. Press ‘4’ or ‘RS’ to open the Pal Commands interface and click on Feed. Next, select the High-Grade Medical Supplies from the list to feed it. This is how to fix the depression of a depressed Pal in Palworld.

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How to Fix Depressed Pals in Palworld

If the Pal is in your Party, you can feed them from Inventory. It can be done by clicking on the High-Grade Medical Supplies and selecting the Depressed Pal from the list.

Just like Kindling, some Pals have the Medicine Production Work Suitability Trait. Such Pals can work on the Medicine Workbench and craft Medicines comparatively faster.

For your reference, here are some Pals with the Medicine Production trait in Palworld:

  • Lifmunk
  • Flopie
  • Cinnamoth
  • Robinquill
  • Robinquill Terra
  • Beegarde
  • Bristla
  • Elizabee
  • Lovander
  • Katress
  • Sibelyx
  • Petallia
  • Vaelet
  • Felbat
  • Lyleen Noct
  • Lyleen

Be sure to catch and assign them to the Medicine Production task at your base. This will make your life easier.

That’s all for our guide on how to fix and cure the depression of a depressed Pal in Palworld. To give your Pals the best possible experience, you might also want to know how to improve bad working conditions.