How To Cure An Overfull Pal In Palworld

Don’t want your pals struck by Overfull to hamper productivity of your team? Let’s find out how to completely treat and cure the condition in Palworld.

From cold to being depressed, your pals in Palworld can be out of sorts due to various status ailments. However, each status ailment can be cured using some or the other kind of medical supplies and in case of starvation just by feeding them. One such ailment that might have to be wary of is Overfull in Palworld. If one of your pals has been struck by the ailment, its hunger will decrease rapidly which will in turn affect its work and combat abilities.

Now, these sicknesses can be avoided by taking care and keeping the sanity of your pals the right way from the start. Sometimes, the abundance of different pals can keep you busy. That said, Overfull is one of the easiest conditions that can be fixed using medical supplies. And if you want to know more about the cure, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Fix Overfull in Palworld

How To Fix An Overfull Pal In Palworld
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Players can treat Overfull in Palworld by giving Low-Grade Medical Supplies to their pals. There are a few ways through which you can get your hands on the medical supplies to cure the condition in the game.

You can craft low-grade medical supplies using the Medieval Medicine Workbench. The crafting station will be made available to you once you reach level 12. Once unlocked, here is the recipe to craft the low-grade medical supplies in Palworld:

  • x5 Berries
  • x2 Horns

Once you have the medical supplies required to fix Overfull, you will need to feed it to the designated Pal. You can do this by approaching the Pal and selecting the feed option from the Pal Commands interface. After selecting feed, simply click on the Low-Grade Medical Supplies and the Pal will be cured of the ailment.

That said, if you are too far from unlocking the workbench and one of your pals is already being struck by the Overfull condition, then you might have to turn towards other pals for help. Few of the pals in Palworld drop the low-grade medical supplies once they are defeated in the game. These pals include Flopie, Lifmunk, and Vaelet. However, they are equally harder to find in the game.

Another method through which you can get your hands on the medical supplies is by purchasing them from the Travelling Salesman in the game. It is available for around 240 Gold which might be too much early on in the game. We would suggest that you depend on the wild pals instead if you don’t have enough gold at your disposal.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, check whether or not Palworld has an Evolution system and which are the best pals to catch early. And for more interesting ones, be sure to go through our dedicated Palworld Guides section, right here on Gamer Tweak.