Best Pals To Catch Early In Palworld

Wondering which are the best starter pals in Palworld’s early game for combat, resource gathering and more? Here are our suggestions.

Early on in your Palworld journey, you will come across various Wild Pals which will bring you to the question – what are the best starter Pals to catch? Each Pal has its advantages and skills and the first picks can change based on your individual goals and playstyle. However, these are some of the best Pals to capture in the early game in general.

Note that this list is subjective and can differ from your overall opinion. But, it will come in handy if you are looking for a starting point but not sure where exactly to begin.

Best Pals to Catch First in Palworld

Here are the best starter pals to catch in the early game.


cattiva palworld best early game pals to catch
Source: Pocketpair

These hardworking feline creatures are good at mining, gathering resources, handiwork, and transporting. They are Neutral Pals and when in a team, Cattiva even helps carry supplies which increases your max carrying capacity making it one of the best early game Pals that you can catch in Palworld.

In case you’re finding it difficult to do so because they will run away as soon as you get close, here’s a neat trick that will help you capture them easily.

There are some problems that you will have to handle, though, like the Cattiva will slack off quite a bit, take frequent breaks, and might even go to sleep during the day.


foxsparks palworld
Source: Pocketpair

Foxsparks is a Fire element Pal that will help you in combat early on. When activated, it will equip to the player and change into a flamethrower. They can also keep campfires and furnaces fuelled giving you warmth and access to better food and so, it’s in our list of the best early game Kindling pals you can catch in Palworld.


daedream in palworld
Source: Pocketpair

Daedream is a Dark element Pal that will help you in combat as it follows up your attacks with magic bullets. It’s good for handiwork, gathering, and transporting. To take things up a notch, you can unlock the Collar for Daedream by gathering x5 leather, x10 fiber, and x10 Paldium Fragment and unlock it via the Technology tab.


teafant in palworld
Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

Teafant is a water-type Pal that will spray mysterious water that will restore player’s HP. This will come in real handy in the early game where you might take more damage than usual – either after taking on a higher-level Pal or just finding yourself amidst a group of aggressive Wild pals. Its work suitability is Watering and it also drops Pal Fluids.


Eikthyrdeer best starter pal and mount in palworld
Image credit: Game Guides Channel

The Eikthyrdeer is good at Lumbering, so if you want to increase the efficiency of cutting trees, this Pal is a must-have. It can also be used as a mount to help you navigate the world faster and it can also perform a double jump! This makes it one of the best early game mounts to have in Palworld.


Lifmunk is a grass-type that will be helpful in combat because it jumps onto the player’s head and uses an SMG to follow up their attacks. Aside from that, it’s helpful in various jobs like planting, handiwork, lumbering, gathering, and medicine production.


These adorable water-wielding creatures are good at handiwork, transporting, watering and cooling which is crucial to ensure your food items don’t spoil over time. It’s also possible to fire Pengullet from a rocket launcher as ammo which can be an interesting addition to your game.

You might want to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of every Pal, and for that, we’ve got a Palworld type chart that you can refer to.

When you’re making a decision about your Pal team, here’s everything to take into consideration.

  • Choose Pals that excel in the biomes you frequent.
  • Don’t underestimate resource-gatherers – They can significantly improve your base building and crafting.
  • Experiment and have fun! Try different Pal combinations and find what works best for you.

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