How To Restore HP And Heal Yourself In Palworld

Can’t find any additional healing items and want to restore all of your lost HP? Find out how to heal yourself in Palworld.

Surviving the landscapes and dealing with various mysterious creatures in Palworld can sometimes be too much to handle, especially while you are starting out. And engaging in battles will surely cost some of your HP in the game. It’s not like other survival crafting games, though, where you’ll find extra healing items for you and your Pals. This makes knowing how to properly restore your HP and heal crucially important.

Although, looking at it, you might not have to do much to heal yourself in Palworld. And restoring those hit points would take some of your time in the game. So if you are wondering how to heal and get back to catching different creatures, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Best Ways to Heal Yourself in Palworld

Best Ways To Heal Yourself In Palworld
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

As mentioned before, there are no additional healing or reviving items that you will come across in Palworld. The only way to heal yourself completely is to wait for the hit points to replenish over time. It is one of the main ways through which you can restore your health in its entirety. However, players can utilize their rest to restore the HP while sleeping in the game.

That said, there are some Pals that you will come across who have healing abilities as their Partner Skills in Palworld. These partners will help you heal a certain amount with their skills in the game. Here is a list of all of them along with their partner skills:

  • Teafant: Soothing Shower
  • Petallia: Blessing of the Flower Spirit
  • Felbat: Life Steal
  • Lovander: Life Steal

While eating food will replenish your hunger meter from time to time, it won’t restore or heal you in Palworld. However, it is worth mentioning that keeping your hunger meter unsatisfied will help you lose your health gradually. So it is best to have food at your disposal and replenish your hunger at regular intervals.

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