Palworld Cooler Box: How To Stop Food From Rotting

Do items rot in Palworld and how to prevent them from spoiling fast? Here’s all you need to do.

Stopping your food from spoiling or rotting is one of the most important things to do in Palworld to ensure your survival. Luckily, there is a way to keep food fresh and that’s by building a Cooler Box. Here’s everything about the materials you need and how to stop food items from going bad.

How to Stop Food from Spoiling in Palworld

Certain items will rot with time and eventually disappear when they spoil. This includes all consumables including the perishable food you collect from the world or those that you get as drops. So, you need to store items in a cooler or refrigerator to prevent them from rotting.

How to Know if Food is Going to Rot?

how to stop food items from spoiling
image source: WoW Quests

There will be a timer shown on the food item in your inventory. Each item will have a different time before it goes bad, so you have to use it before the timer ends or keep it in the cooler.

How to Build a Cooler Box or Refrigerator in Palworld

Open up the Technology tab and scroll down until you get to level 13. Under Structures, you should see a Cooler Box which is described as a small food vault. It also says that you can assign an Ice Pal to help prevent food stored inside from spoiling – more on this below.

To build a Cooler, you need 20 Ingots, 20 Stones, and 5 Ice Organs.

how to build cooler box palworld
image source: WoW Quests

How to get Stones

You can find lots of stones scattered on the ground or you can whack some rocks with your weapon to get stones as drops.

How to get Ingots

Players can collect Ingots from monsters such as Bushi as a drop. However, you can also get it by Processing.

Primitive Furnace for Ingots
image source: WoW Quests

What you need is Ore that you can find near your base – you can use a Pickaxe to mine those rocks. Then, you require a Primitive Furnace which will unlock at Technology Level 10 – you will need x3 Flame Organs along with x20 Wood and x50 Stone for this structure. Once that’s done, you can craft Ingots.

how to build primitive furnace palworld
image source: WoW Quests

How to get Ice Organs

ice pal pengullet map locations palworld
Pengullet map locations / image source: WoW Quests

To collect Ice Organs, you need to travel to this map location and look for a Pengullet. Weaken it with your attacks and capture it in your Pal Sphere. As you’ll see via the Paldeck, its possible drops are Ice Organs and Pal Fluids.

where to find pengullet palworld
Ice Organ location / image source: WoW Quests

As soon as you have the required amount of resources, unlock the Cooler Box and place it in your base.

What is “Required: Cooling” in Palworld?

how to prevent food from spoiling palworld
image source: WoW Quests

Now, you might see the message “Required: Cooling” and this is where you need an Ice Pal to keep the items in your Cooler Box well-refrigerated.

You can use a Pengullet for this purpose or you can head out to collect a Chillet! Visit the Rayne Syndicate Tower area (coordinates: 111, -432) and explore the nearby area to find a Chillet, which is an Alpha. More specifically, you can find this Pal to the south of the Tower Ruins teleport statue on the map in an area dedicated to the fight.

You have to defeat and weaken it enough to capture it, so if you are under-leveled, you might want to take this up later. This is a Level 11 Pal so you need to be at least level 9 to take it on in a battle.

Once you have captured the Chillet, go back to your base where you’ve kept the Cooler Box, and the Required: Cooling message should get resolved. Now you can use the Cooler Box in Palworld to prevent food items from spoiling.

With that out of the way, be sure to check out the Palworld Elemental Type chart to know all the weaknesses and strengths of Pals.