What is Kindling in Palworld and How to Get it?

Not sure what’s the deal with Kindling in Palworld? Check out here to know everything about it.

In Palworld, you will eventually feel the need to produce Ingots using a Furnace. However, after building a furnace, you will immediately find out that it requires Kindling to work. At this point, many of you might think that it is an item that you must use but that’s not what it is. Kindling is actually a Pal work suitability trait, which means you will have to use a Pal for it.

Our guide here aims to explain everything about Kindling in Palworld and the best Pals for this job. So if you are up for it, this is the right place to get started.

What is Kindling in Palworld – Explained

In Palworld, Kindling is a work suitability trait possessed by Fire-type Pals only. That means, if a Fire-type Pal comes near a furnace, it will reach out to it and use its Kindling trait to light it up. Not just for smelting, but you will need Kindling for cooking purpose as well.

What Is Kindling In Palworld And How To Get It

During your playthrough, Foxparks is the first Fire-type Pal that you will come across. There are plenty of others like the Rooby, Ragnahawk, etc., but they won’t show up early. So if you want to get the Kindling early in Palworld, then catching Foxparks is your best bet.

Where to Find Foxparks in Palworld

To be honest, Foxparks can easily be found in the starting areas of Palworld. You will just have to do a little bit of exploration to find one. But for your reference, we have marked some locations where you can find the Foxparks easily in the image below:

Where to Find Foxparks in Palworld
Image Source: Embarrassed-Notice32 (Reddit)

You will immediately know it’s Foxparks if the Pal looks like a Fox with a blazing tail and foot. Before catching Foxparks, make sure you weaken it by throwing a few strikes and then use your Pal Sphere. This will make your job easier.

Other Pals with Kindling Ability

PalsKindling Level
FoxparksLevel 1
RoobyLevel 1
Leezpunk IgnisLevel 1
FlambelleLevel 1
VanwyrmLevel 1
Kelpsea IgnisLevel 1
Gobfin IgnisLevel 2
ArsoxLevel 2
PyrinLevel 2
Pyrin NoctLevel 2
KitsunLevel 2
BushiLevel 2
WixenLevel 2
RagnahawkLevel 3
BlazehowlLevel 3
Blazehowl NoctLevel 3
ReptyroLevel 3
BlazamutLevel 3
SuzakuLevel 3
FalerisLevel 3
Jormuntide IgnisLevel 4