Palworld Blazamut Location & Breeding Guide

Want to have Blazamut in your Party in Palworld? Here’s where you can find this Pal and how you can breed it.

Blazamut is one of the most ferocious-looking Alpha Pals in Palworld that can add immense value to your Party. This Fire-type Pal can bring out the absolute best out of the enemies by pushing them to their limits. Not only in the battle but it can also help you with works that require Kindling and Mining. So you know, having a Blazamut Pal is a win for you.

In this guide, we will tell where is Blazamut’s location in Palworld and how you can Breed it. So if you want this Cursed Tyrant in your Palbox or Party, this is the right time to get started.

Where to Find a Blazamut in Palworld

Blazamut Location in Palworld
Blazamut Location in Scorching Mineshaft Area. Image Credits to Ape Knight Gaming

To find a Level 49 Blazamut, you need to enter a volcanic cave in the Scorching Mineshaft area. To reach here quickly, I suggest you go to the Ancient Civilization Ruins teleporter on the coordinates (-397, -634). From there, head North until you find a cave entrance on the coordinates (-432, -530). It is important to note that you will need a Flying Mount to reach the cave.

Blazamut Cave in Scorching Mineshaft in Palworld
Blazamat Cave Entrance. Image Credits to Ape Knight Gaming

Once you have found the cave entrance, go inside with a torch as it’s going to be really dark. Inside the cave, follow the path and you will eventually find a Blazamut in Palworld.

Now that you have come across Blazamut, be sure to knock him down quickly. Because the longer the fight goes, the more advantage this creature has. Keeping this in mind, weaken Blazamut and throw your Pal Sphere to catch him on the spot.

Where to Find Blazamut in Palworld
Blazamut Location in Wildlife Sanctuary Area.

Aside from Scorching Mineshaft, you can find uncommon variants of Blazamut in the Wildlife Sanctuary area (650, 625). To reach there easily, you need to head Northeast from the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. You will need a Flying or Swimming Mount to reach the Wildlife Sanctuary. So plan your journey accordingly.

How to Breed Blazamut in Palworld

To breed a Blazamut in Palworld, you will need at least one Blazamut in your Party. Since it has lower breeding power too, it does not have many breeding combos to produce a Blazamut Egg. Anyways, if you want to Breed a Blazamut in Palworld, there are only two possible Breeding Combinations as of now. Here are they:

  • Blazamut + Blazamut = Blazamut
  • Blazamut + Suzuka Aqua = Blazamut

You will need one female and one male Blazamut to get a Blazamut child. In case you don’t have one, then start looking for it, or else get a Suzuka Aqua for a change.

That’s all you can do to get a Blazamut in Palworld, by catching and breeding it. For more content like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Palworld Guides on Gamer Tweak.