Palworld Fusion Pals List – Best Breeding Combos

Here’s our list of all the Fusion Pals along with their Breeding Combo in Palworld.

One of the best ways to increase the prestige of your party is by collecting unique Pals in Palworld. There are over hundreds of Pals to chase but not all of them might fancy you. However, thanks to the Breeding feature, you can Breed two Pals of the opposite gender to get a Pal with traits of both parents. Or if you are lucky, you can get a Fusion Pal from breeding them. For those who don’t know, a Fusion Pal is a powerful and rare version of a normal Pal that looks attractive too.

All this sounds intriguing, right? That’s why we are here to expand your knowledge about this. Here, we have mentioned all the Fusion Pals List along with their Breeding Combo in Palworld. Stick to the end as we’ll be mentioning the Best Breeding Combos for you as well.

Note: This list is subject to change as the game is still in Early Access. We will update it as soon as a new Pal is introduced in the game.

How to Breed and Get Fusion Pals in Palworld

Before we get to the list, it is important that you know how you breed two Pals. First things first, you will need to reach level 19 and unlock the Breeding Farm. This facility is found in the Technology section and needs 100 Wood, 20 Stone, and 50 Fiber to be built.

All Fusion Pals & their Breeding Combo in Palworld

Once the building part is done, you will have to pick a male and a female Pal for breeding. After that, you will also need to have a steady supply of Cake for the hatching part. Cake can be made using the Cooking Pot and these ingredients – x5 Flour, x8 Red Berries, x7 Milk, x8 Eggs, x2 Honey.

Now that you know how to breed, let’s take a look at all the Fusion Pals in Palworld.

List of All Fusion Pals & their Breeding Combo in Palworld

Base PalBreed WithFusion Pal
BlazehowlDark PalBlazehowl Noct
IncineramDark PalIncineram Noct
JolthogIce PalJolthog Cryst
KelpseaDark PalKelpsea Ignis
KingpacaIce PalKingpaca Cryst
BroncherryWater PalBroncherry Aqua
DinossumElectric PalDinossom Lux
EikthyrdeerGround PalEikthyrdeer Terra
RobinquillGround PalRobinquill Terra
SurfentGround PalSurfent Terra
LyleenDark PalLyleen Noct
GobfinFire PalGobfin Ignis
SuzakuWater PalSuzaku Aqua
LeezpunkFire PalLeezpunk Ignis
HangyuIce PalHangyu Cryst
JormuntideFire PalJormuntide Ignis
RelaxaurusElectric PalRelaxaurus Lux
MossandaElectric PalMossanda Lux
MammorestIce PalMammorest Cryst
MauIce PalMau Cryst
PyrinDark PalPyrin Noct
VanwyrmIce PalVanwyrm Cryst
WumpoGrass PalWumpo Botan
ReptyroIce PalReptyro Cryst

Best Fusion Pal Breeding Combo in Palworld

Leezpunk Ignis: Best Fusion Pal in Palworld

Now that you have the complete list, let’s narrow it down to find out what’s the best Breeding Combo. Well, if you ask me, I would suggest you breed two of the most exotic elemental Pals. For instance, you can go with Dark & Fire type Pals and Electric and Ground type Pals. Once you breed them, you can get some amazing results like Leezpunk Ignis, etc.

That’s what I think is going to be the best choice until we get to see some new additions later after Palworld releases officially. For more information like the one you just saw, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Palworld Guides on Gamer Tweak.