How To Get Flying Mounts In Palworld

Soar through the sky with your flying Pal mount in Palworld to travel far and wide.

Traversing through the vast world made up of sea, land, and sky can be pretty time-consuming. There are places where reaching through land mounts will take more time or won’t be possible at all. Since from labor to traveling everything depends on the Pals, you must find a flying Pal mount in Palworld to get to the location.

The glider is one way to cover the distance, but it will drain stamina. Plus, if you can use these adorable and majestic Pals, why not land in the style? Haven’t captured and used one yet? No worries here is where to find and get the earliest one in the game world.

How to Unlock a Flying Pal Mount in Palworld

Unlock a Flying Pal Mount in Palworld
Image Credit: ConCon on YouTube

The first flying mount you can capture is Nitewing. It is a neutral element Pal that you find flying in the northwest of the starting area. They can be seen around the Fort Ruins, Grassy Behemoth Hills, and Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance Fast Travel points.

Since they are neutral it is best to use the dark element against them. But for that, you must first make them come down. No matter how strong your Pal is, dealing damage to the flying enemy from land is difficult. Grab your most powerful ranged weapon, attack it until it is weak, and then use the Mega or Giga spheres to capture it. It can be between 9 to 20 levels, so it would be best to first master the weapon by using it on land enemies and hitting the target in the air.

Get Saddle

Get Saddle Nitewing Palworld
Image Credit: ConCon on YouTube

Once you have the Nitewing, it is time to craft a Saddle for it. To do that, you must unlock the Nitewing’s Saddle from the Technology tech tree after reaching level 15 of it. It will cost you 2 points to unlock it. Lastly, you need to take 20 Leather, 10 Cloth, 15 Ingot, 20 Fiber, and 20 Paldium Fragments to the Gear Workbench to create this seat. Interact, and soar through the sky, after adding it to the Party.

Now that you have unlocked your first flying Pal in Palworld, you can explore and capture more, while leveling up the tech tree to get their saddle recipe. If this is interesting to you, check out our dedicated section.