What To Do When Pals Won’t Listen To You In Palworld?

If your Pals don’t listen to you in Palworld, they will not complete the work they need to do. Here’s how you can fix this so that all your helpful creatures can get back to work.

If you want to level up in Palworld, other than building, crafting, and combat, you will also have to focus on getting some of the most powerful Pals. Even though there is a huge collection of Pals to choose from, each one has its own unique set of abilities and skills. Once they are at your base, they will make sure to complete all of the tasks you have given them.

Since you will need to keep adding items to your base and keep upgrading it, the help from these creatures will make a huge difference and you will be able to finish all your work efficiently. However, there are times when these cooperative creatures won’t listen to you and will stop working.

This will result in all your tasks piling up, which will indirectly hamper your growth in the game. Our guide will help you understand how you can avoid this from taking place so that you can always get your work done on time.

How to Fix Pals Not Listening or Working in Palworld

Pals might not listen to you and abandon their work in Palworld, if they are stuck, weak, or sick
Pals might not listen to you and abandon their work in Palworld if they are stuck, weak, or sick (Image – Pocketpair)

Although most players might assume that these creatures are not following their orders because of a glitch or bug, there might be other reasons why they are not completing the tasks allocated to them. Here, we will list a few reasons and also tell you what you can do to avoid it.

Pals Stuck in the Base

There is a chance that your Pals aren’t listening or completing the tasks that are assigned to them because they are stuck in the base. This goes without saying that this isn’t the first time players have been facing this issue. Most of the time, these pals are stuck in raid mode, even after the raiders have been defeated.

Similarly, since this bug keeps them from accepting the work you have for them, you can try putting them into the inventory and then adding them back to the base once again. Once they respawn, they usually get back to their work. If this doesn’t work you can also try picking them up and dropping them.

Additionally, these creatures might also be getting stuck due to the lack of space in your base. However, this is unavoidable, as you must keep crafting items and you also need Pals at your base. Despite this, players must try to arrange all the items accordingly so that there is enough space for the Pals to move around this area while completing their jobs.

Pals are Sick or Depressed

Your helpful creatures might not complete their jobs and won’t be able to handle their workload if they are sick. Since you are the base leader you will have to make sure you craft the required medicine and cure them. Once they have healed, they will be ready to listen to you and complete all their pending tasks.

If you notice that your Pals are slacking off and not finishing their assigned jobs, it can be because they are depressed. However, to avoid this you will have to constantly keep checking and observing the sanity meter or SAN of all your working Pals. By doing this, you will be able to keep them on track so that they can also be available to complete the work you need to give them.

Assign the Correct Tasks

Pals can offer different attributes and skills that will help you while building your base. That being said, make sure you are assigning the correct tasks to the Pals so that their skills align with the work they need to do.

Some of the Pals might be good at cutting trees and some may possess electricity-producing abilities. Similarly, you will have to check their profile and assign the perfect creature to finish the job, if you don’t want them to abandon their tasks.

Restart the Game

In case your Pals still won’t listen to you, even after you have tried out all these methods, this issue might be occurring due to a minor bug. To get rid of it, exit the game and then restart it after a while to check if your Pals are accepting the tasks you are giving them.

We have covered everything you need to know if you are wondering why your Pals won’t listen to you. If you want to know more about this open-world survival game, read about how you improve bad working conditions and check out how you can put out fires in Palworld, right here on Gamer Tweak.