How To Fix Base Pals Stuck After Raid In Palworld

Are your Pals still ready to fight even after you have defeated your enemy in Palworld? Here’s how you can fix base Pals stuck in raid mode.

Although Palworld has been getting a lot of attention, the game also has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Even though players are being greeted with all these issues time and again, the developers are working towards addressing as well as fixing most of them. Similarly, whether it’s the Black Screen error or the sound quality issue, Pocketpair has provided answers for mostly all the glitches.

Recently, players have been reporting that the base Pals are getting stuck after a raid. The creatures don’t resume back and restart all their work, instead, they are ready to fight even after a raid is over. Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of this glitch, here are some solutions you can try out so that your Pals can get back to their tasks.

How to Fix Pals Stuck in Raid Mode in Palworld

Build an Alarm Bell and get base Pals out of raid mode
Players will have to craft an Alarm Bell to fix Pals that are stuck in raid mode

If you see a red colored “X” above your Pals head, it means that they are still stuck in the raid mode and are ready to begin the fight even though you and your creatures have already defended and protected your base. When they are stuck due to this bug, they will not finish any of their tasks, they won’t eat and they won’t rest or take a break. You will notice that your Pals are just aimlessly roaming around the base. In order to fix this, here are a few steps you can take –

Craft an Alarm Bell

The option that seems to help most of the players is crafting an Alarm Bell. To build this item you will need 5 Paldium Fragments and 20 Stone. Once you have crafted it, change the status from attacking to working. Once you complete this process, your Pals should resume back to work.

Use the Palbox

Another effective solution you can use is accessing the Palbox. Interact with the Palbox and open the menu. Move the Pals that are currently in your base and drag them out, placing them in the box. Now, add them to your base once again by dragging them and placing them in the lower box. This action will respawn them and they will no longer be stuck in the raid mode.

Disassemble the Palbox

If dragging your Pals in and out of your base didn’t work, you can also try disassembling the Palbox altogether. To complete this process, open your map and hover over your base. You will see the ‘Disassemble Palbox‘ option.

Additionally, you can also go to your Build menu and click on the ‘Disassemble‘ mode. Then you can interact with your Palbox and hit it multiple times. Once you have done this, you will get back all the resources you used to build the Palbox.

Once you have rebuilt it, your bug should be fixed. However, there are certain drawbacks of breaking down your Palbox, therefore go ahead with this process only once you are aware of what you could lose if you get rid of your Palbox.

Restart the Game

In case none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, as your last option, you can try exiting and restarting Palworld. Once you launch the game again, check and see if your Pals have gotten out of the raid mode and have started working again.

We have covered all the steps you can try out if your base Pals are stuck after a raid. Since this is your current favorite game, don’t forget to go through our guide on how you can move your base and learn how to create and join a Guild, here on Gamer Tweak.