How To Teach New Skills To Pals In Palworld – Answered

It is possible to teach your Pals new Skills in Palworld. However, things are not that simple and that is why, this guide can help you through it.

In Palworld, survival is the goal and your Pals are going to play a major role in it. They will help you in doing all the domestic work on your base if you assign them a task. And when out of home, those Pals can also aid you in combat. This is all possible only because they carry certain skills which are unique to them. When you catch a Pal, it starts with a single skill but you can make it learn more as you thrive.

In this guide, we will explain how you can teach new Skills to your Pals in Palworld. Not only this will enhance your party but will also make your Pals more versatile. Let’s get started.

Note: Since the game is in Early Access, you can expect some changes before it is released. We will update this guide accordingly then.

Things to Know Before Getting New Skills for your Pals

All Pal Skills in Palworld
Active, Passive, and Partner Skills of Jetragon. Image Credits to Gym Leader Ed

First of all, there are a few things that must be cleared out. Starting from the types of skills that are present in this game. There are 3 skills – Active, Passive, and Partner Skills. Active Skills are the ones that your Pals are going to use during a battle. Aside from this, your Passive Skills are the ones that affect your stats. Meaning, that every Passive Skill will provide you a buff or debuff. Next, a Partner Skill can be triggered to benefit the player like healing or bolstering his/her abilities.

It is important to note that you can not teach new Passive or Partner Skills to your Pals in Palworld. However, it is possible to make them learn new Active Skills, and here’s how.

How to Unlock New Skills for Pals in Palworld

As of now, there are only two methods to get new Skills for your Pals. This includes the following:

Level Up your Pals

Just like you, your Pals level up in Palworld too. This is done by interacting with your Pals like taking them to a battle or making them work on the Base. So, whenever a Pal levels up, it gains some kind of reward and it might not necessarily be a new Active Skill. But there are certain level milestones on which a new skill is unlocked.

Besides levelling up, there’s one more way through which you can unlock new Skills in Palworld. Scroll down to know about it.

Give Skill Fruits to Pals

This is the most reliable way to teach new Active Skills to your Pals. Skill Fruits are resources that can be eaten by Pals to unlock new Active Skills. Each Skill Fruit corresponds to a specific Element type. Also, it is worth noting that not all Skill Fruits are the same. For every Skill, there is a different Skill Fruit available. For your reference, we will put a complete list of all the Skill Fruits in Palworld.

Skill Tree for unlocking New Pal Skills in Palworld
Skill Tree with an Ice Element Skill Fruit. Image Credits to ConCon

Now, you can get a Skill Fruit by purchasing it from a merchant. The price of it will vary depending upon its rarity, which can go up to 5k Gold. Anyways, Skill Fruits are also found on a Skill Tree found on the map. Lastly, you can also get this item randomly as a drop or loot. Now, as promised, here are all the Skill Fruits that you can give your Pals for unlocking new Skills in Palworld.

Active SkillElement Skill FruitRarity
Air CannonNeutral Skill FruitUncommon
Power ShotNeutral Skill FruitUncommon
Power BombNeutral Skill FruitRare
Pal BlastNeutral Skill FruitEpic
ImplodeNeutral Skill FruitEpic
Hydro JetWater Skill FruitUncommon
Aqua GunWater Skill FruitUncommon
Bubble BlastWater Skill FruitRare
Acid RainWater Skill FruitUncommon
Aqua BurstWater Skill FruitRare
Hydro LaserWater Skill FruitEpic
Dragon CannonDragon Skill FruitUncommon
Dragon BurstDragon Skill FruitRare
Draconic BreathDragon Skill FruitRare
Dragon MeteorDragon Skill FruitEpic
Wind CutterGrass Skill FruitUncommon
Seed Machine GunGrass Skill FruitUncommon
Seed MineGrass Skill FruitUncommon
Grass TornadoGrass Skill FruitRare
Spine VineGrass Skill FruitRare
Solar BlastGrass Skill FruitEpic
Ignis BlastFire Skill FruitUncommon
Spirit FireFire Skill FruitUncommon
Flare ArrowFire Skill FruitUncommon
Ignis BreathFire Skill FruitRare
Flare StormFire Skill FruitRare
Ignis RageFire Skill FruitEpic
Fire BallFire Skill FruitEpic
Spark BlastElectric Skill FruitUncommon
ShockwaveElectric Skill FruitUncommon
Electric BallElectric Skill FruitUncommon
Plasma TornadoElectric Skill FruitUncommon
Lock-on LaserElectric Skill FruitRare
Lightning StreakElectric Skill FruitRare
Tri-LightningElectric Skill FruitRare
Lightning StrikeElectric Skill FruitEpic
Lightning BoltElectric Skill FruitEpic
Sand BlastGround Skill FruitUncommon
Stone BlastGround Skill FruitUncommon
Stone CannonGround Skill FruitUncommon
Sand TornadoGround Skill FruitRare
Rock LanceGround Skill FruitEpic
Poison BlastDark Skill FruitUncommon
Shadow BurstDark Skill FruitUncommon
Spirit FlameDark Skill FruitUncommon
Nightmare BallDark Skill FruitRare
Dark LaserDark Skill FruitEpic
Ice MissileIce Skill FruitUncommon
Icicle CutterIce Skill FruitUncommon
IcebergIce Skill FruitRare
Cryst BreathIce Skill FruitRare
IcebladeIce Skill FruitRare
Frost MissleIce Skill FruitRare
Blizzard SpikeIce Skill FruitEpic

These are all the ways through which you can unlock new Skills for your Pals in Palworld. For more content like this, feel free to go through our other Palworld Guides on Gamer Tweak.